North Korea Heir Loses Everything to Go to Disneyland

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Mickey Mouse at Tokyo Disneyland

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Kim Jong-un might be the worst leader in the world, but fans probably don’t remember that his half-brother, Kim Jong-nam lost everything just for trying to get to Disneyland.

Kim Jong-nam
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As a little boy, Kim Jong-un secretly visited Disneyland with his secret group of officials and was at Tokyo Disneyland for a full week before leaving. Under a false identity, Kim Jong-un sneaked past all security at 8 years old, leaving some fans to wonder if the North Korean dictator ever went back to do the same thing.

Ten years later, Kim Jong-nam wanted to visit Tokyo Disneyland and devised a plan to take his son down to see the happiest place on earth. No one can blame Kim Jong-nam for being a huge Disneyland fan, but it’s also the reason he died.

Kim Jong-un
Credit: ABC

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After traveling with a false identity, Kim Jong-nam didn’t even make it to Japan without authorities arresting him at the airport. According to some sources, the heir was tipped off to authorities by none other than his wife.

She did this because she didn’t want her husband to become the next dictator but their son. This series of events led to Kim Jong-nam not only losing his chance to succeed his father but also having no power in the North Korean top family.

Credit: Disney

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Later, Kim Jong-nam would be considered a capitalist for his love of Disneyland and would eventually try to go one more time to the park in 2017. This time, Kim Jong-nam traveled alone and was walking through Japan once more when two women smeared a  highly toxic VX nerve agent on his face.

This killed Kim Jong-nam and got the women arrested. They confessed that someone gave them the nerve agent and was paid to do it as a prank with no idea who their target was. Authorities were shocked to find the North Korean and had to use DNA to confirm who he was since Kim Jong-nam didn’t carry any identification with him.

Kim Jong-un
Credit: ABC

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Kim Jong-un is reportedly responsible for the attack as the dictator allegedly wanted his half-brother dead so there would be no threat to his dictatorship. Kim Jong-nam only wanted to see Disneyland and this dream got him killed.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury to go to the happiest place on earth as we would expect for some people like Kim Jong-nam.

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