Disney World Updates Enchantment Fireworks, Fans Still Not Happy

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walt disney enchantment fireworks

Credit: Screenshot via Scott Gustin/Twitter

On October 1, 2021 Magic Kingdom debuted a brand-new fireworks show, Disney Enchantment, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World. In order to make way for this new nighttime spectacular, we had to say goodbye to the fan-favorite show, Happily Ever After, which sparkled into Disney history on September 29, 2021.

disney enchantment
Credit: Screenshot via Disney

Once Disney Enchantment made its official debut, many fans did not hesitate to take to social media to share their honest thoughts and opinions on the show. One of the aspects fans were not happy with was the fact that there was absolutely no mention of Walt Disney, Roy Disney, or even Mickey Mouse. Many felt that if Disney wanted this to be a 50th anniversary show, there should have been more of the Parks included, especially Walt and Roy Disney.

Well, after nearly one year of Disney Enchantment, the company finally listened to the fans as a new addition has debuted — clips of Walt and Roy Disney! 

Mickey Views shared a vide of the new intro, writing:

Walt addition to Disney Enchantment! 🥺

Scott Gustin also shared a video of the new Disney Enchantment intro, writing:

NEW: Video of the new Walt Disney intro added to Enchantment:

The new intro shows Walt and Roy Disney, Mickey Mouse, and highlights opening day attractions such as “it’s a small world”, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, and more.

Although this is what fans have been asking for, many feel this should have happened when Disney Enchantment debuted, and not nearly a year later when the 50th anniversary celebrations are almost complete.

Disney Enchantment fireworks
Credit: Disney

Disney World fan and Twitter user DocEpcot replied to Mickey Views’ Tweet, saying:

Better late than never? Eh it’s too late, the show is terrible, bring back HEA!

Twitter user oocparks said that even though “it’s exactly what the show needed,” they are still really disappointed “that the addition wasn’t in the show from the beginning”. They Tweeted:

Disney Enchantment’s new intro debuted tonight, and it’s exactly what the show needed.

Really disappointing that the addition wasn’t in the show from the beginning, but it’s better late than never.


I still want Happily Ever After back tho.

And Disney fan and Twitter user lacywearsprada expressed something similar:

Enchantment is very underwhelming to me… I’m sure the new intro is great but when we were there a month ago I was not impressed with the new show lol 🙃 didn’t make me cry like Happily Ever After did.

If you have not yet seen Disney Enchantment, the official Walt Disney World website describes it as:

Watch in awe as Cinderella Castle comes to life with magical effects that—for the first time ever—extend down Main Street, U.S.A.! Plus, enjoy dazzling new lighting that illuminates the Castle courtyard and stunning fireworks that light up the night sky. All the while, classic and reimagined Disney songs will sweep you up into the adventure of a lifetime, along with an original new song by 7-time Grammy award-winning songwriter Philip Lawrence.

Disney Enchantment, presented by Pandora, is truly a celebration of magic, imagination, joy and hope for all who carry dreams in their hearts. Throughout your journey, favorite Disney Characters like Raya, Moana and Joe Gardner from Soul will join as you explore a world of wonder filled with friendship, love and fun. And if darkness tries to hold you back, you’ll discover you only have to look within to find the power to believe and make your dreams come true. The magic has been inside you all along!

This nighttime spectacular debuted as part of The World’s Most Magical Celebration—the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary.

walt disney enchantment fireworks
Credit: Screenshot via Scott Gustin/Twitter

Do you like the new intro to Disney Enchantment? Or do you still want to see Happily Ever After return? Let us know in the comments below.

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