Zack Snyder Officially Returning to DC Despite SnyderVerse Controversy

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Zack Snyder in 'Teen Titans Go!'

Credit: DC / WarnerMedia / Cartoon Network

After WarnerMedia came out and blamed director Zack Synder for the failure of its DC Universe via media outlets, the superhero director is officially appearing in an upcoming episode of Teen Titans Go!

Zack Snyder with Henry Cavill as Superman (right)
Credit: Warner Bros.

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Zack Snyder is not returning to WarnerMedia for the expansion of his Justice League universe. However, many fans hope that Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck still have a future in the super hero business.

In a time of mismanagement and confusion among leadership and the general public, DC is bringing back Zack Snyder for a cameo role in Teen Titans Go!:

Hey DC fans! I am so excited to be a special guest in an upcoming episode of Teen Titans Go! Check it out THIS FALL on Cartoon Network.

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No fan was expecting Zack Snyder to return to DC in a way such as this, but the man behind Man of Steel (2013) is set to play a caricature of himself alongside Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven.

Zack Snyder with Ben Affleck as Batman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
Credit: Warner Bros.

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Zack Snyder is currently producing his upcoming Rebel Moon film for Netflix, the first installment in a reported upcoming franchise that’s hitting the streaming service in 2023 (no official release date).

The future of the SnyderVerse has been reportedly shelved for good, with rumors of Ben Affleck’s Batman and all aspects of Snyder’s universe being scrapped in the upcoming The Flash (2023) film.

Ray Fisher as Cyborg (far left), Ezra Miller as Flash (left), Ben Affleck as Batman (left middle), Henry Cavill as Superman (right middle), Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (right), and Jason Momoa as Aquaman (far right)
Credit: Warner Bros.

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While the current DCEU consists of Bruce Wayne/Caped Crusader/Batman (Ben Affleck), Clark Kent/Superman (Henry Cavill), Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Arthur Curry/Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Barry Allen/The Flash (Ezra Miller), Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Peacemaker (John Cena), and Victor Stone/Cyborg (Ray Fisher), there’s an endless amount of opportunities for new characters to appear with the Multiverse, including Michael Keaton’s Batman in the upcoming The Flash movie!

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