Tweet Asks For “Sexiest Cast Member Uniforms”

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Twitter user Rob Yeo asked his followers a “big question” this week, “what’s the sexiest CM uniform?”

The results are in, and they’re hilarious.

Big question time: what’s the sexiest CM uniform?


User @JoeintheLand replied with photo evidence, showcasing what a Disneyland uniform looked like in the 90s.

You can’t be sexy without being seen. And these get attention – 90’s era ODV (Outdoor Vending) yellows. Worn in Tomorrowland, Fantasyland and the most exclusive nightclubs of Milan. #Disneyland #90s


Twitter user Sarah Saryan responded that Guests would frequently offer to buy her uniform from her during her time working for the parks.

Not cute but I legit had guests offer me money for this shirt. It was Taste Pilots Grill at Cali Adv. It looks like blue prints for planes. But all the costumes are not flattering. 🤣


Maria Mondloch’s response calls out Magic Kingdom for its “revealing” choice of costume.

The men’s storybook forest costume at MK shows so much chest and for what?

“I had a v-neck tan line for 5 months after I quit Disney but damn did I look good in that costume,” @b0nseyw0nsey replied to the photo.


disney cast member halloween
Credit: Disney

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The next uniform takes readers to Disneyland’s Fantasmic circa the year 2000 as user @umi_fusion shared their practical favorite.

Sexiest AND most comfortable

But for one former Cast Member, this uniform brings up a difficult memory. “This costume reminds me of a guest blowing cigarette smoke in my face when I told her she can’t smoke in the Fantasmic viewing areas,” Sam Carter wrote.



disney plus day cast members
Credit: Disney

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Twitter user Zach claimed that it doesn’t get better than the “3 different shades of Khaki” found in the Kilimanjaro Safari uniform and user Kaitu shared that they “have to agree,” commenting on the amount of “sexy knees” the shorts exposed.

It’s not possible to be sexier than 3 different shades of Khaki


@707Odyssey shared their clearest memory of a favorite uniform worn by the Cast Members at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, a get-up that consisted of cowboy hats, bandanas, and duster coats. “And that’s when I knew I was gay,” they quipped.


disney cast member
Credit: Disney

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One poster thought the choice was obvious in their reply.



@Fellowship9798 felt they struck a winning combination with a former Le Cellier uniform photo.

Old Le Cellier. Pink shirt with tiny flowers all over it, green corduroy pants and a cumberbund. What else does a well dressed man need?


While user @pyixo thinks the Fantasyland uniforms take the cake in their reply.


All kidding aside, Cast Member uniforms are a part of the immersive experience the Disney Parks has dependably provided to Guests for decades.  Above are just a few examples of Cast Member uniforms throughout time. The full list of responses can be found under the original post.


galactic starcruiser crew
Credit: Disney


Do you have a favorite Cast Member uniform? Comment yours below!

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