Guests Are “Done” With These Disney World Rides For Good

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Hundreds of fans recently discussed which Disney World attractions they are permanently “done” with.

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There are so many rides, attractions and experiences to be found at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida that it’s almost too hard to keep track of. From classic rides like Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion to newer attractions like Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind and the upcoming TRON roller coaster, Guests have so many options to choose from.

However, even though Walt Disney World is “The Most Magical Place on Earth”, Guests can still have negative experiences with the Parks and rides, and  in a recent post shared on social media, one Guest asked what rides Guests are “done” with, receiving hundreds of responses from other passionate fans

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The post reads as follows:

What Rides or Attractions Are You “Done” With?

What I mean is you rode it once and hated it so never again, or you’re just burnt out with it, or maybe it was just not what you thought. Or it just doesn’t interest you in the first place.

So you just never frequent it anymore.

Unless you’re there with family and they want to experience it, you pay it no mind anymore and don’t really regret having not checked it out on your last trip.

For me, it’s ToT. Not a fan of vertical sudden drops. (ROTR is an exception) I’ll hang out in the ride exit lobby near the “front desk”, inside the A/C while I wait for my family/group to come meet me but that’s about it.

At EPCOT, my BiL isn’t a big fan of Test Track so he waits it out inside the Mexico pavilion and meets us there or in Canada.

Anyone else have these?

tomorrowland speedway
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The first rids mentioned in the comments was the infamous Tomorrowland Speedway at Magic Kingdom. This attraction started as an innovative experience that allowed kids of most ages to drive their own car, along a predetermined track that is. Unfortunately, this ride has aged quite poorly and no longer fits in with the rest of Tomorrowland. In response to the question, one user commented, “Tomorrowland Speedway! That ride NEEDS some help. The cars are so old and run down and barely move and basically don’t steer. You have to mash the pedal down the entire time and the car steers itself by bouncing back and forth along the metal center track.”

Another user perfectly summed up how most feel about the ride saying, “I really wish they’d upgrade it to electric cars. The gas fumes kill me. And they’re not very “tomorrow” anymore.”

More on Tomorrowland Speedway at Magic Kingdom:

Drivers, Start Your Engines!

Take the wheel of a gas-powered car and strap yourself in for an exciting and scenic drive. As the checkered flag is waved, you’re off!

Accelerate around sharp bends and lush foliage. Spot iconic attractions visible from the roadway, and pick up the pace as you sprint to the finish line. Featuring a working gas pedal and steering wheel, your car can navigate up and down inclines and around turns.

It’s a nostalgic drive that will have you smiling for miles!

Credit: Disney

The next ride discussed in the thread was Mission: SPACE at EPCOT. This ride is a motion-simulator experience that mimics what rocket launches are actually like. The ride is not for the faint of heart as it is super tight and close-quarters as well as vomit-inducing due to how much it spins.

Although rides like Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster or Test Track may go faster, Mission: SPACE is arguably the most intense ride in Walt Disney World due to how intense of an experience it offers. Because of this, the ride has left a somewhat sour taste in Guest’s mouths since it opened, much like the vomit that the ride may induce as previously mentioned.

One user warned against the ride for this very reason, saying, “Do NOT do this with claustrophobia. I had a full blown panic attack the entirety of the ride. It was awful and definitely not worth the “ride.” Another stated they will “never ride it again” after an unfortunate incident, “How about being on it and it COMING TO A STOP!!! We were trapped for maybe five minutes but holy crap. I will NEVER set foot on that ride again.

More on Mission: SPACE at EPCOT:

You Are Go for Launch

What’s it like to be an astronaut? You’ll find out on Mission: SPACE!

Before you board, you’ll train for your mission on the X-2 Deep Space Shuttle at the International Space Training Center (ISTC). Each member of your 4-cadet crew will assume an important role: navigator, pilot, commander or engineer. During your flight, cadets will be instructed to initiate a mission-critical sequence… so be prepared!

Next, count down to liftoff—and an incredible mission through space. Dodge meteorites and slingshot around the moon—or enjoy a flight path with breathtaking views of our home planet.

Your crew is counting on you to make the mission a success!

Na'vi River Journey
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The next ride mentioned may surprise you, as it is a part of one of the “newer” sections of the Walt Disney World Resort. Found in Animal Kingdom, Pandora – The World of Avatar is a jaw-dropping land themed entirely around James Cameron and Disney’s Avatar franchise.

The land is filled to the brim with details and them, being that is literally out of this world and will leave you wondering what’s real and what’s fake. The land also features two rides, one called Flight of Passage and the other called Na’vi River Journey. Flight of Passage has become highly regarded in the Disney community, with many citing it as one of the best rides ever from Disney Imagineering.

Na’vi River Journey on the other hand disappointed many as it is a fairly plain, slow-moving boat ride, something that we have seen many times. Yes, the theming is amazing as well as the incredible Na’vi Shaman animatronic, but other than that the ride is a fairly standard experience and does not even feature a drop-to thrill element at all. This was discussed in the post, with one user saying, “Na’vi river journey. Beautifully decorated, but lacks story or thrill to make it worth waiting 2 hours.”

na'vi river journey animatronic
Credit: Inside the Magic

Another user also shared a similar statement, indicating the reception to the ride probably has more to do with the long lines and queue rather than the ride itself, “It’s a relaxing boat ride with the best animatronic on the property at the end, but the queue length often plays a big role in how people feel about it. If it were consistently a shorter wait like Gran Fiesta Tour or Livin w/ the Land then it wouldn’t get as much hate, but AK has too few rides to begin with so the line ends up being longer than it probably should be and then people dislike the experience because of that.”

The attraction is still 100% worth a ride if you’re visiting Animal Kingdom and have not experienced it yet. More on Na’vi River Journey at Animal Kingdom:

A Mystical River Ride

Feel a sense of wonder as the full beauty of the extraordinary dreamscape unfolds before your eyes.

On this visually stunning and mysterious river, you’ll glide through a series of caves and into a bioluminescent rainforest alive with the sights and sounds of exotic plants and creatures on all sides—even overhead.

Soon, you’ll join the legendary Na’vi Shaman of Songs, who demonstrates her deep connection to the life force of Pandora—and sends positive energy out into the forest through the power of her music.

Na’vi River Journey offers explorers an experience that has to be seen—and heard—to be believed!

dinosaur ride at animal kingdom
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The next ride mentioned was one of the loudest and possibly scariest rides in all of Walt Disney World. DINOSAUR can be found at Animal Kingdom in the DinoLand USA section of the Park and offers Guests a unique, 4-wheeler type of experience.

This ride shares its track layout with the Indiana Jones Adventure in Disneyland as it was directly copied from the Southern California attraction for Animal Kingdom. However, the rides could not be more different, with DINOSAUR taking Guests on a journey through time in a mission to save a dinosaur. Of course, the mission doesn’t go to plan and Guests are almost eaten/wiped out by asteroids. The ride is loud, dark, and features some truly terrifying dinosaur animatronics, resulting in a lot of crying children and even some spooked adults who may not know what to respect.

One user said, “Dinosaur. Wife refuses to ride. Kids love it and usually short line so they want to go multiple times. I’m convinced it’s causing spine or kidney damage. I don’t mind the dinos, the dark or the noise but that brutal ride while trying to hold a kid back with one arm and steady self with other. It’s brutal.” Anoyther said that you have to deal with “temporary deafness” after riding it.

More on DINOSAUR at Animal Kingdom:

A Race Against Time

A paleontologist recruits you for a secret mission to bring a 3.5-ton Iguanadon back to the present. There’s just one problem—the giant meteor that wiped out life on Earth is on the way! 

Board a rugged Time Rover vehicle and set off on a thrilling adventure through a primeval forest filled with life-like dinosaurs. Careen through unpredictable hairpin turns. Dart around a fearsome Velociraptor hunting for prey. Avoid the clutches of a Cearadactylus soaring overhead!

As the clock counts down, fiery meteors crash down around you. Will you make your escape before the dinosaurs—and you—become extinct?

Is It Too Scary?

DINOSAUR includes loud sounds in the dark and menacing dinosaurs that may scare some children.

The seas with nemo and friends facade
Credit: Disney

Lastly, at EPCOT yet again, some fans brought up The Seas with Nemo & Friends. This family-friendly attraction places Guests directly in the ocean with Nemo (quite literally) as well as other fan-favorite characters from Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo franchise.

The ride is quite colorful and fun but some may feel that is slightly dated and lacking in terms of modern technology. One user said, “The seas was a better experience than Nemo… It is ALWAYS depressing to walk through that empty line queue to go to seabase alpha!”

More on The Seas with Nemo & Friends at EPCOT:

A Fin-tastic Adventure

Board a “clamobile” and descend slowly below the waves, where Nemo’s friends flit through brightly colored coral reefs and gently swaying anemones. Dodge stinging jellyfish, underwater mines, a toothy anglerfish and an even toothier Bruce the shark. 

Catch a ride on the righteous East Australian Current with Crush the sea turtle and his little dude, Squirt. But where’s Nemo? 

Just keep swimming til you find him!

Explore the Aquarium

Once your underwater adventure ends, encounter an ocean of fun in The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion. Get close up with clown fish, sharks and more in the massive 5.7-million-gallon saltwater aquarium they call home.

Fun “fins-on” activities teach your guppies about marine biology, sharks and more.

It is important to remember that these are just opinions and everyone will have their own preferences when visiting any of the Disney Parks. This is exactly why Disney designs various types of rides to appeal to everyone. While several classic attractions may have closed over the years or needed updating, the most exciting thing about being a Disney park fan is anticipating the next big ride and right now, there is a lot on the horizon(s).

What rides are you “done” with at Disney World? What about Disneyland?

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