Disney Park Turns “Creepy” After Music Randomly Shuts Off

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Main Street USA at disneyland

Credit: Inside the Magic

Though both Walt Disney World and Disneyland are filled to the brim with iconic experiences and beloved attractions, few areas of each Resort leave as big of an impression as Main Street U.S.A.

From the incredible theming and atmosphere to the history presented in the actual land, Guests will be amazing after first walking into Disneyland or Magic Kingdom and seeing the impressive land.

Disneyland Main Street Marching Band
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

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And speaking of atmosphere, this is Main Street U.S.A.’s strongest asset, as it really does feel like you’ve stepped back in time. This is in part due to the look of the buildings as well as the interior of the shops. Another big reason this feels so immersive and magical is the music.

However, the background tracks stopped playing recently and fans had some things to say about it. The bizarre situation was captured in a video shared by @DeeMagicGurl which you can see below:

There is no music on Main Street rn.

As you can see, Main Street U.S.A. was completely silent the other day, giving Guests a weird, eerie vibe instead of the cheerful one normally present. In the comment section of the tweet, several fans responded with how they felt. Steph (@nz_steph) said:

That’s kinda creepy!

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We are not sure why the music was turned off or when it was replaced. When visiting Main Street U.S.A., there is actually one attraction that you can ride known as the Main Street Trolleys. More on them below:

Next Stop: Memory Lane

Climb into a classic chassis and sit back and relax as you are transported from one end of Main Street, U.S.A. to the other. 

Our vintage vehicles include: 

  • Horse-Drawn Street Car, an old-fashioned trolley pulled by a horse 
  • Jitney, an early automobile without a roof 
  • Fire Engine, a replica of the very first fire trucks 
  • Omnibus, a gas-powered, open-air 2-story bus 

Come experience a jaunty journey from a bygone era!

Where to Board

There are 2 stops in Disneyland park: 

  • Town Square near City Hall 
  • Central Plaza in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle 

Each trip is one-way.

Have you ever walked around Disney with no music? 

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