Disney Cast Member Goes Above and Beyond, Exceeds Guests Expectations

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“This here’s the wildest ride in the wilderness!”

One of the most famous Disney ride quotes of all time. If you have ever been on Big Thunder Mountain, we are sure you know about the iconic saying that is said as Guests board the ride. Well, one Cast Member went above and beyond to make sure the Guest’s experience was that much better.

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Credit: Disney

Big Thunder Mountain is one of the many attractions located at Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. (There is also a version located at Disneyland Park in California).

As Guests board the ride, they hear an iconic recording, which informs Guests to remain seated with their hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the vehicle at all times. It also reminds Guests to remove and hats or glasses as “this here is the wildest ride in the wilderness”.

One Cast Member who was running the attraction went above and beyond and acted out the entire recording for Guests, making this for one magical moment. (It’s safe to say this Cast Member loves what he does!)

You can see the video below or by clicking here.


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We want to say thank you to this Cast Member for going above and beyond and making magic for Disney Guests. You are the true magic!

More on Big Thunder Mountain

big thunder mountain railroad
Credit: Disney

Disney World’s official description of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad reads:

The Wildest Ride in the Wilderness

Legend has it that soon after gold was first discovered here in the 1850s, eerie things began to happen. Trains would take off and race through tunnels—by themselves.After you arrive at the legendary Big Thunder Mining Company, descend into an abandoned mine shaft and board your train. As you enter the cursed cavern, the engine speeds up along the rickety track. Dodge exploding dynamite and falling boulders as you swoop around turns, drop into canyons and dart through the mysterious ghost town of Tumbleweed.Your rip-roaring adventure proves that some legends are true. You’re sure to have a real blast!

How Scary Is it?

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a fast roller coaster-type attraction designed for kids and adults. However, some parts of this attraction are bumpy and, in some instances, take place in the dark.

Big Thunder Mountain at night
Credit: Disney

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