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Starting with their car ride down the East Coast and ending with their departure, one couple documented their 30 day trip every day in the hopes of giving “an honest assessment” of their Walt Disney World vacation.

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The daily Reddit posts are filled with reviews and recommendations made by user/johnnyringo117 throughout their stay. Below are some of the higlights from their experience:

Rope drops are a must do.

“I know for most people it’s a pain but it really does pay off,” johnnyringo117 wrote. “The weather is cooler and the crowds are lighter and you get into the park quicker.” They also stressed the importance of utilizing the extra half hour that resort  Guests are afforded with Early Theme Park Entry.

Closing down the parks also pays off.

They found that sometimes, heading back to a park a few hours before closing makes for significanly reduced wait times as most people are on the way out.

Driving your own car can help cut costs.

For this couple, some meals and experiences were cheaper off the resort, and having a car allowed them to do more with their time.

Disney Springs: fun for people watching, not for shopping.

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“We did go into a few stores but as anyone who has been there knows, the prices are a little bit ridiculous,” johnnyringo117 wrote. “I have to draw the line at a print of the orange bird in a cardboard frame which was selling for $40.” They did share that Disney Springs is worth it for those looking for extensive restaurant or alcohol options.

Breakdowns happen, so do storms.

Their Hollywood Studios day was a perfect example of this, with Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith all experiencing breakdowns before heavy rain forced them back to their resort. Be prepared with proper expectations and pop up umbrellas.

Cast Members seem happy, despite reports.

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“Everyone that we talked with was very nice, smiling, and very courteous,” johnnyringo117 shared. “I know people have had some reports that Cast Members seemed a little bit more grumpy lately but so far we have not experienced that at all.”

The elusive 4-park day is doable.

Following the two experiences per park rule, it is possible to hop to all 4 parks in one day so long as Guests start early and choose attractions wisely, though you’ll likely end up walking 14+ miles like johnnyringo117 did.

Plan for days at the resort.

Pool at Old Key West Resort, Walt Disney World
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Used for hitting the pool, enjoying sit down dining, and for these DVC Guests, catching up on laundry, resort days are great for recharging after taxing days at the parks. They also encourage visiting other Disney resorts outside of your own to take in unique experiences such as the pianist at Grand Floridian and the artwork on display at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Be prepared for emergency stops.

“One thing we have noticed with several rides is that the amount of half speeds and emergency stops is quite excessive,” johnnyringo117 shared. While sometimes this is understandble due to the extra time required for wheelchair transfers and those with mobility issues, the couple also reported an increase in risky ride behaviors that slowed things down which they found “just unnecessary.”

Prices are up.

Dole Whips were priced at $6.99, which was a deal breaker for johnnyringo117. Between inflation, supply issues due to COVID-19, and staff shortages, costs around the parks are on the rise.

Don’t skip Animal Kingdom.

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“This park is always fun and may be the best themed park of the four,” johnnyringo117 wrote. “The time and detail they put into the buildings and landscaping is just amazing.” For example, Guests enjoying DINOSAUR might notice Sector GTX – WDI- AK98 written in bold white letters on the wall beside the track. According to the poster, WDI represents Walt Disney Imagineering, while AK98 stands for Animal Kingdom 1998, which is when the attraction first opened.

Keep refreshing the app for restaurant cancellations.

According to an EPCOT Cast Member, cancellations come through constantly at some of the most highly sought after locations. Don’t give up hope! Keep refreshing to score your dream reservation.

Space 220 Restaurant is overrated.

The couple found this new dining experience to be pricy and underwhelming.

Don’t let the summer scare you off.

If the summer is the only time you can visit, planning appropriately for hot weather and down pours will still make for an enjoyable stay.

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These tips and more can be found in the original post on Reddit. Per the last trip review entry, the couple’s 30 Disney experience was valuable and memorable:

“It was certainly an interesting trip. In the 30 days that we’ve been here, we saw three car accidents, four people emergency evacuated out of the parks, and lots of what you would expect in the form of hot weather, large crowds, and rain storms. But in all those 30 days we saw no fights in the parks, had no negative interactions with cast members, and generally had a very good time. While many will certainly argue the point, our experience let us to believe that Disney is still a fun place to go to and, while expensive, still has value for your money.

This was a long trip and many people have asked me if we got bored or were tired of being here because we have been here for so long. And while I would say that I’m certainly going to be glad to head back to my home, I was never bored and I continuously had fun. Plan your trip in such a way that you will get the kind of fun that you want. Don’t leave it up to the advice of other people, make your vacation your own and I’m sure you’ll have a memorable experience.”

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Could you do 30 straight days in the Disney Parks? What was your longest Disney Vacation? Let us know in the comments below.

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