Cast Member “Threatens Guest” at Oga’s Cantina

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In a hilarious Cast Member exchange at Oga’s Cantina at the Walt Disney World Resort, a Guest was “threatened” with a weapon before having his alcohol taken away.

Rey and Chewbacca at 'Star Wars': Galaxy's Edge
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Oga’s Cantina is a themed dining experience defined by the park’s website as the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge local watering hole.

Welcome to the local cantina, where bounty hunters, smugglers, rogue traders, and weary travelers of all ages come together to refuel, enjoy music, and conduct meetings—no questions asked. With an expansive menu of exotic concoctions for young ones and adults, the cantina is a welcome rest stop before your crew’s next galactic journey.

As you plan your next smuggling run, please enjoy some bold musical entertainment courtesy of droid DJ R-3X, a former Starspeeder 3000 pilot. The cantina adheres to proprietor Oga Garra’s strict code of conduct, but patrons can be… unpredictable, so just keep your head down—and drink casual.

For those who have long dreamed of visiting one of the galaxy’s most infamous watering holes, Oga’s Cantina brings that dream to life.

Oga’s specializes in fantastical drinks sourced with ingredients from across the galaxy and enticing concoctions that will delight even the youngest crew members.

To order selections with alcohol—like the Jedi Mind Trick cocktail, Bad Motivator IPA or Toniray wine—they will need to see your identification.


Video evidence of the exchange was uploaded to TikTok on July 17, 2022.

The absolute BEST experience at Oga’s Cantina! Ine from the Cantina – fantastic server – even if she threatened Dale. He deserved it.


The absolute BEST experience at Oga’s Cantina! Ine from the Cantina – fantastic server – even if she threatened Dale. He deserved it.

♬ original sound – Brandy & Dave

The clip shows a Cast Member wielding a brightly lit light saber when Guest “Dale” shouted “no weapons!” to the unsuspecting server. The server locks their sights on Dale and his giggling group in an effort to intimidate them until they’re spotted by another Cast Member with a better plan.

disney lightsabers galaxy's edge
Credit: Disney

“ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH. NO NO. No. No. We don’t threaten Guests like this!” the second Cast Member interrupted. “We threaten him like this, we take his alcohol!” They walked off with Dale’s beverage in hand in what the group described as “the best Oga’s experience.”

Exchanges like these are what make the various lands feel exceptionally interactive, especially at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge where Guests are almost promised to be confronted by a Storm Trooper for their cell phone usage.

First Order Troopers at Galaxy's Edge
Credit: Kurt Schmidt / ITM

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