Guests Stuck on Coaster In Blazing Sun and Heat For Extended Amount of Time

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guests stuck on cheetah hunt busch gardens

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is located in Florida and is home to many attractions including coasters such as Iron Gwazi, Tigris, SheiKra, and Cheetah Hunt.

Unfortunately for some Guests visiting Busch Gardens Tampa Bay recently, they had an unexpected experience while riding Cheetah Hunt.

cheetah hunt busch gardens tampa bay
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TikToker user rico11281128 shared his recent experience to social media in a video. The video begins by showing him and his family riding Cheetah Hunt, when suddenly, the ride comes to a stop.

The Busch Gardens Guest can be heard saying “That didn’t happen last time,” before looking at the camera and saying “So we’re on the roller coaster and it just broke down and this one accelerates stupid fast.”

“We’re gonna melt if we stay still,” the Guest proceeded to say. The video includes many clips of the Guest giving updates, but overall, it looks like the riders were stuck there for over a half hour, in the blazing sun, with no food or water.

cheetah hunt busch gardens tampa bay
Credit: Busch Gardens

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Other Guests were even walking up to the bridges and looking down on them asking if they were okay and what was happening.

Finally, a Busch Gardens Team Member approached the vehicle, but then quickly walked away, leaving the Guests confused and frustrated.

Luckily, the Team Member returned and eventually got the coaster back up and running. You can see the full video below or by clicking here.


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The TikTok user also commented on the video, writing:

Over 1/2 an hour in direct sunlight, Over 100 degrees. There’s zero logic to not let us out and follow the worker to a safe place.

He also received a ton of backlash from other TikTok users, but he wanted to clarify some of the situation as he wrote:

Facts…I didn’t complain to any workers. I got my kids to an air conditioned building and got them drinks. That was my priority, not a refund!

cheetah hunt busch gardens tampa bay
Credit: Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens describes Cheetah Hunt as:

A celebration of the fastest land animal, Tampa Bay’s longest roller coaster quickly raced and weaved its way onto the list of coaster favorites. This triple launch roller coaster carries riders high above the park, then races down along the ground through a rocky gorge. At a length of 4,400 feet, Cheetah Hunt® is the park’s longest thrill ride attraction!

Have you ever ridden Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens? Let us know in the comments below.

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