Disney Park Faces Intense Shortage, Shelves Practically Empty

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One Disney Park is facing an intense shortage.

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When visiting any of the numerous Disney Parks and Resorts across the globe you will surely notice the sheer amount of shopping destinations that are offered. From gift shops at the exit of nearly every attraction to Disney Springs, an entire mall-like space to “shop til you drop” at Walt Disney World, Guests looking for fun and unique souvenirs are definitely in for a good time.

Last year started Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary, meaning a ton of limited merchandise was revealed and offered to Guests visiting during this event. Guests could find exclusive water bottles, shirts, pins, plates and much more.

But Walt Disney World isn’t the only Disney Park celebrating a big milestone.

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Disneyland Paris is currently celebrating its 30th Anniversary with a ton of exciting options at your disposal.

Pride month 2022 is also in full swing. We already covered one aspect of pride month 2022 with the introduction of gender-neutral bathrooms and now, another big change has come to the Park.

As stated on the official Disneyland Paris website, “Walt Disney Studios Park is THE place to celebrate diversity with family and friends! Magic fills the air, with live concerts, a colourful parade and attractions open ’til 2am. Get ready for the 2nd fabulous edition of Disneyland Paris Pride, brought to you in all the colours of the rainbow!”

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Unfortunately, it looks like Disneyland Paris is struggling to keep merchandise stocked, either due to its popularity of it or supply chain issues. As shared by pixiedust.be, Disneyland Paris store shelves are empty at some locations, indicating a merchandise shortage is happening.

According to the site, “A lot of extra tables and displays have also been removed, which you can usually find in the middle of some stores to place products on as well. Both in the shops of Disney Village”. When looking at the photos it is clear to see how empty some stores are. 

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In another store, Lilly’s Boutique, several store displays have vanished, “where there are normally tables with a wide range of mugs, displays with pins and key rings have disappeared in the Storybook Store. In the Boutique du Château, a shop that sells Christmas items all year round, there is hardly any Christmas merchandise to be found”.

Interestingly, a lot of merchandise is not exclusive to Disneyland Paris, but merchandise that comes from the American Parks. Still, Disneyland Paris has some really fun options for Guests who can find them.

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