Guests Stranded in Disney For Nearly an Hour During Breakdown

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If you have visited any of the Disney Parks in the past you have surely experienced some type of technical difficulty or issue. It is pretty common for rides like “it’s a small world”, Haunted Mansion, and Pirates of the Caribbean to get “backed up” or stop momentarily.

If this happens Guests should not worry as they will most likely resume motion in mere minutes. But sometimes things can take longer to get moving again.

EPCOT cosmic rewind with spaceship earth
Credit: Disney

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When Guests visit Disney World, typically, they don’t expect to be evacuated from an attraction. Even though it is not the norm, Guests can be evacuated from any Disney attraction at any time! To Disney Park veterans and super-fans, being evacuated off of a Disney attraction is a very special treat, no matter what ride or situation.

When a ride breaks down or undergoes a maintenance issue that Disney cannot fix while Guests are aboard, they must remove all Guests in order to safely and successfully maintain the attraction.

This was the case recently at the Walt Disney World Resort, more specifically, EPCOT. One Disney World attraction experienced some rather prolonged difficulties, leaving Guests stranded for almost an hour.

A video shared on TikTok by @evola_sam captured the experience:

I guess you can say we were truly living with the land #epcot#harrystyles #AmazonVirtualTryOn #CatchChobaniOatmilk#MakeASplash #disneyworld #livingwiththeland


I guess you can say we were truly living with the land #epcot #harrystyles #AmazonVirtualTryOn #CatchChobaniOatmilk #MakeASplash #disneyworld #livingwiththeland

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As you can see, the Guest claims that the ride stopped for a whopping 45 minutes before they were rescued. Living with the Land is a great attraction but definitely not an experience everyone would want to get stuck on for almost an entire hour.

Thankfully, the Guests were eventually rescued. Anytime a breakdown like this occurs, Guests will typically receive one complimentary pass to ride an attraction of their choosing.

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