Disney May Change Hands, Billionaire Pushes For Buyout

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Conservative politicians have been speaking out against Disney, seen as potential retaliation for their divisive stance against the Parental Rights in Education (“Don’t Say Gay”) bill passed through the Florida legislature.

Last month, Governor Ron Desantis helped pass legislation to dissolve the Reedy Creek Improvement District, which allowed Disney to operate its own municipal services. Yesterday, Republican Congressman Troy Nehls posted letters to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg asking them to reconsider the “No-Fly Zones” currently in place over the Disney Parks.

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Monday night, Jeff Charles, host of the conservative podcast A Fresh Perspective and contributor for the website RedState, took to Twitter to claim that Peter Thiel and other conservative/libertarian investors are planning to announce their intention to buy Disney and take over the company, similar to Elon Musk’s recent offer accepted by Twitter. 

Musk’s decision to purchase Twitter comes after he complained about the website censoring free speech. 

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Peter Thiel, 54, is a billionaire investor known for cofounding PayPal and being one of the first outside investors in Facebook, recently stepping down from their board in February. The Washington Post states his “contrarian and right-wing political views have made him one of the most controversial figures to emerge from Silicon Valley.”

The article from The Washington Post explains that Thiel has been a proponent of conservative politics since the 1980s, when he helped create a conservative journal at Standford University. He’s been putting his money towards causes he supports ever since and, according to the Post, plans to spend his free time helping pro-Trump candidates in the Midterms this fall.

Jeff Charles, however, claims in a Tweet that Thiel and other unnamed investors have another goal this year:

BREAKING: Peter Thiel and other conservative/libertarian investors announce plans to buy Disney after kerfuffle over Florida Parental Rights in Education law. “This woke sh*t has gone way too far,” he told reporters. “If Elon can buy Twitter, then dammit, we can buy Disney.”

This rumor has not been confirmed by Thiel himself, who largely remains private, or any other sources, but has been taken as fact by many members of the right on social media. Just searching “Peter Thiel Disney” on Twitter brings up over 5,000 recent Tweets discussing the logistics of such a significant takeover and whether Elon Musk himself might even be involved.

A Tweet from @beyouonlybetter, who has over 41k followers, said:

Peter Thiel (with other investors) announce plans to buy Disney: “This woke sh*t has gone way too far,” he told reporters. “If Elon can buy Twitter, then dammit, we can buy Disney.” (With Disney’s current liabilities it’s probably only 80 billion to take them over)

Members of the right aren’t the only ones responding to this rumor. Another account with nearly 5k followers, @BigToneTrader, posted about the unlikeliness of Peter Thiel being able to purchase a company with such a significant market value:

Peter Thiel net worth: 5 Billion

Disney market cap: 206 Billion


At this time, these are strictly rumors and nothing has been confirmed. Inside the Magic will update you as we get more information.

Have you seen discussions about Peter Thiel and Disney on social media? Let us know in the comments. 

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