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  1. Brooke

    Peter is going to need to have a few more bake sales in Silicon Valley to buy Disney. And its doubtful that Musk will follow through with the purchase of Twitter. His Tesla investors aren’t happy about it, and that’s reflected in it’s recent stock performance. Musk has amassed billions by taking US government tax subsidies – billions in tax subsidies. Like welfare wouldn’t you say? Musk hasn’t sold that many Teslas folks.

    1. Walt

      You literally are talking out of your behind right now.

    2. Ed

      If the feds can support planned parenthood aka murder inc Then why not a car rocket and twitter liberator

      1. Taylor

        Can you name even one person “murdered” by abortion?

        1. Jan

          Are you really that vapid ? Tens of millions have been murdered in the womb. No names available because they weren’t allowed to be born after they were conceived and viable. Here’s an idea. Read a book and while you are at it look up Margaret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood and see why she cam up with the idea. Hint….it’s aimed at blacks.

  2. drew who

    Not at all like Welfare . Musk creates thousands of jobs through his investments that is the difference .

    As for Twitter I think its pretty much a done deal .

    1. stephen

      Tesla absolutely got corporate welfare just like lots of other companies. It is silly to try and pretend otherwise.

      1. Walt

        Go crawl back under your rock and STFU!

        1. Ed

          If he is looking for donations please post the website. Disney needs to get back to its roots as a family business and stop bowing to the few loud freaks that want to sexualize children and convert them to perverts also

  3. MSG

    While I am traditionally liberal even I am not happy with what is happing at Disney at the moment . It seems almost every other show or movie on its streaming service has LBGTQ content at the moment . Its just too much considering how small a percentage of the population that community represents . I would support take over of Disney if it means a return to putting entertainment ahead of agenda and a return to the family values that we have associated with the company until recent years .

    1. ash

      “agenda and a return to the family values”
      You don’t speak like a liberal.

      Considering your confusion, consider joining the Libertarians. One only has to recognize that it’s mostly none of our business.
      We control our spending in the parks, our stock votes if any, and our subscriptions. We even control what channel we watch. These is where one expresses their opinion on publicly traded companies.
      Using governments to enforce ‘values’ on contracts is evil stuff.

      1. MSG

        Not all liberals want to see an LBGTQ social agenda forced onto children especially those of us that occupy the center left . I have about as much in common with far left activists on the extremes of the far left and the LBGTQ community as I do with Trump supporters one the extremes of the far right .

        As for Disney’s “special tax status” to be honest it sounds like its something that should have been ended decades ago . Why should they get special tax status when normal tax payers have to pay their fair share ? That is not evil that in my view is justifiable .

        I think there needs to be new laws to protect children from LBGTQ content on streaming services . There should always be the option to lock such content behind password protection for the parent or viewer . Or at least offer a content warning along the lines ” this show/film contains LBGTQ content which may be offensive to some viewers ” . Problem solved . Unless of course you are someone that wants to indoctrinate children into sexuality at such a young age ? If that is the case I think the FBI would be very interested in the content of your hard drive .

        1. Anton

          Disney doesn’t have a “special tax status”, they have a self-government arrangement where they run public services like police, firefighters, road building and maintenance, trash collection, utilities, etc. They’re the size of a small town, so it makes a lot of sense that they run the space they occupy.

      2. sam

        you know, it is possible for a person to have more than 2 thoughts at the same time.

        for instance, I have a child, I don’t think it’s appropriate, or right for anyone to tell my child how attraction works. if a man is attracted to another man, or a man to a woman, she’s too young to grasp the concept, and I will not allow for someone trying to teach her.

        I also believe that if a man wants to be with a man, so be it, live your life guys. if a woman wants a woman, who cares? if a man wants to be a woman, literally, not my problem to solve, go do what you gotta do to be who you want to be.

        those two beliefs can coexist, and if you don’t accept that then you are the closed minded one here.

    2. Todd

      20% of Gen Z identifies as LGBQT+, not that small of a portion of the current Disney audience.

      1. Walt

        The LGBTQRSTUV+ do not make up the majority. Nice try though, not really.

      2. MSG

        If that is the case then its clear proof that children are being indoctrinated by an LBGTQ agenda . That would be far higher a percentage of the population than would occur naturally if they were not being brainwashed by the education system and entertainment media .

      3. Lighten up Francis

        You said gen Z. Which is a small percentage of the world… you just proved the point Todd. 20% of Gen z, Not 20% of the world.

    3. Rachel Winiecki

      What you consider family values and what that means to others is worlds apart and if your familiar with that I suggest a little research on your part. And Disney has been an LBGTQ friendly employer and advocate for 50 years.

    4. Taylor

      Disney is almost 100 years old, they’ve produced over 100 feature films. They make one movie with a gay character (which one are you even talking about?) And all the Karens lose their collective minds…. how about you mind your own f-ing business and just don’t buy the things you don’t like. F-ing Karen.

  4. F!

    Fantasy world is fun to think about once in a while

  5. MK

    I really won’t be going back to Disney if this were to happen.
    And you think ticket prices are high now? Disney magic would be out the window in favor of outsourcing and cost cutting.
    Been going since I was a kid and applaud Disney values and support of LGBTQ community and there standing up to this bully of a governer.

    1. Walt

      Would love nothing more than to see you and the folks just like you never ever return to Disney. Heck, stay away from Universal too for that matter!

      1. Vicki

        Here’s a thought….how many people do you think actually go to WDW and how many are a liberals? Remember, 81 million people voted Trump out of office! So you stop LBGTQ from going…then what? Mix raced families? Disabled people? Non Christians? Discrimination is still discrimination! And one can only hope that no child in your family is born “different”! I suspect that you would toss them out the door the minute they tell you!

        1. Ron

          Vicki, you hit the nail on the head, millions voted Trump OUT, not vote Biden in, with little to no thought as to what we were going to get. Now, after almost 2 years of sleepy Joe, we have soaring inflation, record fuel prices, dysfunctional supply chain, double digit increases in many foodstuffs, thousands of illegal migrants crossing the southern border daily, rampant crime in many of our cities, the shameful withdrawal in Afghanistan that cost 13 American lives and that of countless Afghan allies, Russian aggression and Chinese expansion and a disjointed and chaotic response to C-19, just to name a few. Trump was no angel but Biden’s Presidency is filled with failure, weakness and chaos. And the LGBTQ+ community is feeling the same pain brought on by this administrations incompetence. Only 970 more days until the next election, think positive, we can make it. And maybe squeeze a trip to WDW in there as well.

    2. Chris B

      MK you do realize that if conservatives bought out Disney the first thing they would do is restructure the system. That means ticket prices would be lower not higher. You need to understand how the 2 political parties think.

      1. Ray W

        Disney prices are so outlandish for what you get! It really needs new ownership and guidance!

      2. Taylor

        Yeah, it would turn in to a cheap version of action park mixed with tiger king over night…

  6. Jackie

    This would be the death of the brand and so sad. I don’t even think Disney is that progressive, jeez I am worried about how extreme the right has gotten, they are scary and dangerous.

    1. Travo79

      As a conservative, Disney hasn’t done anything politically that upsets me. I haven’t seen Disney forcing a political view on anyone, and have seen the parks and the company embrace all types of groups including Christians, and LGBTQ groups. Disney is a business and has to cater to everyone, and they do it well for the most part. I and most real conservatives don’t give a second thought to how other people are living their lives. As a Trump voter, I personally think DeSantis is a whacko. Most of us aren’t scary, just like most liberals aren’t the boogie men the right thinks they are.

    2. Chris B

      “jeez I am worried about how extreme the right has gotten, they are scary and dangerous.” Its the left thats gotten extreme. The right is trying to bring things back to normal and eliminate the woke agenda. Its time for the woke society to understand they arent in control of how society should be.

      1. Vicki

        You mean like, Civil Rights? The right for ALL people to vote? A woman’s autonomy over her own body? Mixed race marriages? Seems to me that most conservatives want the US to go back to the 1790’s when only Emile white landowners could vote! People talk about a “new” Civil War…but I wonder if they realize that it will be conservative men (snd the women that they can actually control) against everyone else? Because that what is going to happen! If you think women are going to sit still for having their rights taken away, you are nuts! And then imagine telling all black people, all Asians, all Nstives, that they aren’t citizens! Trump and his ilk are taking us down a slippery slope that will end badly! Democracy will not longer exist and we will become just like Russia! Run by one man and his few friends who treat their citizens a slaves!

        1. Henry

          Wow, way to melodramatize the situation Vicki… Stop thinking with your emotions as much and use logic more often. You’re turning this into a race issue when it is not but, that’s the liberal playbook these days.
          Btw, Biden is in office at the moment, not Trump. The radical left are the ones that have been out in full force lately and their policies are dividing and hurting the country at the moment. Let us know when you truly wake up from your slumber.

  7. jeff

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
    Maybe Musk would be a better option or someone just buy Disney World as an individual purchase. The parks in Japan are not owned by Disney and they actually control crowd levels to ensure paying customers enjoy their experience instead of feeling like a sardine in a can. Musk has a lot going on besides building electric cars. Or maybe it is time that Disney stops playing that sympathy card and applies for their special district to be re-established according to today’s rules that apply to other business’s in Florida. If Disney is operating at billions of dollars in debt it looks like it may be time for a little adult supervision as to how their board is managing the business? A great deal of Disney’s success over the years is due to it being promoted as a “family” oriented venue and it would be hard to predict that they may turn into a mouth piece for activist groups instead of the family friendly entertainment venue for all they once were. Disneyland might be the better place to be for this type of behavior not Florida? Desantis passing a Parental Rights In Education bill giving all parents more control of what is being taught to their very young K-3 age children would seem to be good stuff. Disney stating that they would use all their resources available to overturn the bill and support a certain community (the same community that is in support of gender affirming care, yes apparently it is a thing, which includes hormone blockers that disrupt puberty or in some cases operations) seems like bad stuff? Studies have shown that instead of being groomed over time children who expressed gender confusion 70-80 per cent spontaneously lost those feelings-natural order of things takes over maybe? Hopefully Disney World will return to the family safe zone it once was. Return the Magic to Disney World and make it Great Again.

    1. Panos

      Hi Jeff,

      I don’t usually write responses in the comments. In fact, I think this might be my first comment ever. After reading your comment, I realized that you just might be confused, and I thought it would be a good time to help out a fellow human. Let’s dive in.

      “Maybe Musk would be a better option or someone should just buy Disney World as an individual purchase.”
      I’m going to take a guess that you were just making a joke, but in the event you weren’t, let’s discuss some facts and figures. Disney is currently trading at $116 a share, and it has issued about 1.8 billion shares. That means your “someone” would need to spend $211 billion to buy all of Disney’s shares, and let’s be honest, the price will go higher once someone makes it clear they’re trying to buy Disney. Walt Disney understood this–that’s why he tried to buy the land for Disney World in secret. Once word got out that Disney was expanding east, that swampland became a lot more expensive. But back to the purchase of Disney. Elon is worth about $265 billion according to Forbes, but nearly all of that is tied up in his businesses. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a bank account with $250 billion sitting in it. If you’ve been following the Twitter purchase, Elon is running into issues with securing financing to purchase Twitter. You might be asking, “He’s worth $265 billion; you’re telling me that he can’t cough up a measly $44 billion for some social media company? Come on, buddy. That’s the kind of liberal math Desantis is trying to ban in Florida.” That’s a good point, but it reveals the complicated financing issues in a deal such as this. Becaue Elon doesn’t have a pile of cash, he has to sell some assets (such as his Tesla stock) or borrow money for the purchase. By borrowing money to purchase Disney, he creates more problems that we’ll discuss later. In either case, he puts ownership of Tesla at risk, and that’s just when he tries to buy a $44b company. What do you think happens if he tried to buy a company that would cost as much as all the assets he owns? That means giving up ownership of SpaceX and Tesla and The Boring Company and his countless other plays. Seems unlikely, right?

      “The parks in Japan are not owned by Disney and they actually control crowd levels to ensure paying customers enjoy their experience instead of feeling like a sardine can.”
      I haven’t been to the parks in Japan, but I hope it’s true what you say. I’d love for the parks to be less crowded, but I’m not sure how a private owner would alleviate the crowds at Disney World. Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea are owned by a public company called the Oriental Land Company–you can buy shares in the company on the Tokyo Exchange, right now. In fact, a private owner would likely make the crowding problem worse. As we’ve already discussed, a private owner would have to borrow a LOT of money to buy Disney, and with loans comes interest payments. Ugh, right? I’m going to assume that the person that would purchase Disney is a good ole capitalist, and they didn’t buy Disney to lose money. They might’ve bought it to make it “Great Again,” as you describe, but they certainly bought it to make a profit. And interest payments? They cut into that profit. To offset those losses, they’ll need to grow their profit margins across their business, which means increasing revenue (raising prices, increasing park capacity) and decreasing costs (cutting services, worsening quality). I don’t love the cost of the parks these days, and I certainly don’t like how crowded the parks feel, but it sure sounds worse with a leveraged private owner. Now, if you want to have a discussion about how capitalism’s singular drive for profit sucks the soul out artistic ventures, we could talk about that, but I don’t think it’s time for the “red pill” of the pitfalls of capitlism. Maybe another time.

      “Musk has a lot going on besides building electric cars.”
      You bet he does. I don’t know about you, but I’m axiously awaiting the launch of the his Starship. Have you seen this thing? It’s massive. This rocket is going to take humans to Mars. How crazy is that? And get this, a crane is going to catch the rocket as it descends back to Earth. The rocket will land in basically the same place it launched. Wild. You’re right–Elon’s got plenty of other cool things to do. His satellites are helping the Ukranians fight against Russia. How amazing! I think we’re agreed that Elon has more productive things to do. Let’s move on.

      “Or maybe it is time that Disney stops playing that sympathy card and applies for their special district to be re-established according to today’s rules that apply to other business’s in Florida.”
      Ok, time for me to confess some ignorance. I followed the news, but I haven’t followed it much since Florida passed the law to sunset Disney’s Special Tax District. I didn’t know Disney was trying to play the sympathy card. I love Disney, but I don’t think they’ll get much sympathy from me. Last quarter, the Disney parks make $2.5b in profits. They get my money; they don’t get my sympathy. As to your other point, I’m no fan of corporate welfare, so even if it means Disney World might not be as magical, I agree they shouldn’t get to play by rules that other companies don’t enjoy. The part I’m worried about is your use of the words “today’s rules.” I hope these “rules” do not mean that corporations shouldn’t speak out against decisions against their government. Seems totalitarian to me. Instead, I’m hoping you’re defining these “rules” as the goal that corporations should not look to the government to get neither preferential nor detrimental treatment. On that, we’re agreed.

      “If Disney is operating at billions of dollars in debt it looks like it may be time for a little adult supervision as to how their board is managing the business?”
      You heard about that billion dollar municipal bond, too? This issue gets a little tricky. Disney isn’t really “operating at billions of dollars in debt.” In fact, as we noted above, Disney’s making a tidy profit. Sure, they lost money during a pandemic, but we’re not going to blame the board for a pandemic, are we? Of course not! To the contrary, I think Disney’s municipal bond shows some savvy finacial skills on behalf of their managers. See, Disney has about $14b in cash on hand. Now, when it comes to building infrastructure for Disney World (such as electricity, water, sanitation, etc.), they could’ve used some of their cash to pay for these projects. But the money they would spend building sewers and solar panels is money they couldn’t spend on new movies or cool park rides. Before the pandemic, Disney had a retun of investment of 20%, which means if they spend $1b on a new ride, they’ll have made $1.2b within a year. Sounds pretty sweet, and we get a new ride at Disney (I can’t wait to ride Tron at night–you know it’s going to look amazing at night). Now let’s look at municipal bonds which make up that “billions of dolars in debt”. I think it’s actually around a billion dollars, but that’s unimportant. Because Disney was operating as a quasi-government in managing it’s Special Tax Distirct, it could issue municipal bonds to build out infrastructure. These bonds are inherently safe, so investors are willing to charge a smaller interest rate on these less-risky bonds. Funds managing money for retired folks and people nearing retirement love these bonds–they provide low risk, predictable income at a time when you don’t want much volatility in your net worth. Anyways, the average yield on a one-year municipal bond is 2%, which means if they borrow $1b, at the end of the year they owe $1.02 billion. By borrowing the money to pay for infrastructure at a low interest rate, they’re able to use their cash on hand, which would otherwise be spent on infrastructure, to build cool rides that earn them more money. They’ve basically made $180m just from some smart financing. And if you don’t believe me, take a look at Disney’s performance under Bob Iger–the company increased 400% in value over his term through a smart deployment of its assets. I’m not complaining that they own Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars–I love what they’ve done. But let’s assume that you still think the board is a bit too juvenile for your liking. Cool. Who is going to provide this “adult supervision” the board needs? The government? Should the government tell Disney how they should allocate their resources? Don’t look now, but we’re nearing socialism. Is Desantis going to spend some of his presiding over Disney? Disney has a bunch of divisions across all sorts of industries and in a bunch of countries. You’re going to tell me that a Desantis would have time to dig into Disney’s business and get a good understanding on how they could better deploy their assets while also managing one of the largest states in the country? Consider me skeptical. And if I lived in Florida, I’d prefer my governor focus on the issues that affect me as a constituent.

      “A great deal of Disney’s success over the years is due to it being promoted as a ‘family’ oriented venue and it would be hard to predict that they may turn into a mouth piece for activist groups instead of the family friendly entertainment venue for all they once were.”
      We’re starting to tread into some choppier waters, now. Let’s come to an understanding about the history of Disney. They’ve been early proponents of the LGBTQIA+ community. Do you remember Gay Days at Disney and the subsequent protests by the Southern Baptists? In the past 30+ years, Disney has supported lots of LGBTQIA+ causes, so I don’t think they have really changed their identity. Sure, some of us would’ve prefered that Disney had spoken out sooner against the bill, but they got there in the end. Disney’s long promoted inclusivity, and I’d argue that inclusivity is the most consistent theme in their movies. Little Mermaid was about a girl that was excluded from the human world; the Beast was shunned from society due to his looks, despite his excellent dancing skills; Aladdin was imprisoned for being poor. Need I continue? The moral of these movies is that our world becomes a lot richer when we work to include everyone in society, not cast them aside because they’re different than us. So when we talk about Disney’s family values, I’m sure that we’re talking about families of all types, not just the ones in Normal Rockwell paintings. As for being “a mouth piece for activist groups”, I’m not so sure what you mean. I’m sure you recognize that a lot of Disney’s great contributions to society came off the backs of members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Heck, Howard Ashman and Elton John wrote some of the best songs in the Disney catalogue (no small feat), and they did as gay men. But to focus on these two men trivializes all of the other LGBTQIA+ employees of Disney that work for the company because they want to bring magic into the lives of all the Disney fans. They shouldn’t be made to feel less than because they prefer to love and to experience life in a way contrary to you. I think it’s important for companies such as Disney to support their employees and fight against laws that target their employees. I don’t think that makes them a mouth piece for activist groups; it just makes them decent folks.

      “Disneyland might be the better place to be for this type of behavior not Florida?”
      I’m not sure what “type of behavior” you’re referring to, but are you suggesting that Floridian’s don’t like it when corporations are critical of their government? I certainly hope that it’s just a misunderstanding, because I’d hope that all Americans believe in honest and vigorous debates over government policy.

      “Desantis passing a Parental Rights In Education bill giving all parents more control of what is being taught to their very young K-3 age children would seem to be good stuff.”
      Look, friend, I’m going to level with you. We can both agree that this sentence alone indicates you might not have the best mastery over writing, syntax, and grammar. It’s cool. I’m not trying to shame or judge. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. But, let me ask you this: do you really think you have a better way to teach a child to write compared to a professional who received an education for that specific purpose? I think parents should play an active role in their child’s education–reading them books, exposing them to the world, introducing them to new ideas, encouraging them to foster their curiousity and creativity; but when it comes to formal education, let’s leave it to the professionals, right? Let’s not gloss over the fact that the law was written to target a specific segment of the population. Can’t we do better than this as a society? Haven’t we been taught better from these Disney movies?

      “Disney stating that they would use all their resources available to overturn the bill and support a certain community (the same community that is in support of gender affirming care, yes apparently it is a thing, which includes hormone blockers that disrupt puberty or in some cases operations) seems like bad stuff?”
      “[A]ll of their resources available” seems a bit of hyperbole. They’ve got a lot of cool stuff to make with their resources. In fact, I believe that Disney announced that they’d be stopping any political donations to Florida politicians, so they might even be saving some resources. As for your community discussion, I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of a single community that agrees on all points. I live in a community of three (my wife, my daughter, and me), and I can assure you we do not always agree–I’m always on the losing side. So, I’m not sure that the LGBTQIA+ community has a common belief about anything. Do some believe in gender affirming care and hormone blockers? I’m sure they do, just as I’m sure that those procedure have resulted in am improvement in the quality of life for those individuals. But you know what? I’m not a doctor, so I don’t know. For now, I’m going to trust the doctors that are working to improve the lives of all people, even if we cannot always understand the struggles another is going through.

      “Studies have shown that instead of being groomed over time children who expressed gender confusion 70-80 per cent spontaneously lost those feelings-natural order of things takes over maybe?”
      Come on, buddy. There’s no study. You know how I know? Because studies don’t report their results as being about 70 to 80 percent. “Because kids change thier minds” isn’t a good reason not to help the kids. Every parent that has been to Disney knows that their kid changes their mind. They see that stuffed Pluto in the store, and they insist their life would be somehow incomplete without that dog. As a parent, you relent because, while you don’t want to spoil your child, you don’t want to deprive them of joy. Besides, you’re at Disney. And sure enough, 30 minutes after buying this “essential” plush, your kid has lost all interest in the dog. But we’ll do it again because that’s what it means to love someone. Life is tough enough, and as parents, we have a responsibility support our children as they blaze their own path. If that my daughter wants to dress like a boy and to be referred to as a boy, you better believe I’m going to do it. My daughter deserves my best, and I’m going to try my hardest for her.

      Cheers, Jeff.

      1. Yolanda

        Btw this is a rumor mongering klikbate sight and your wasting your time

      2. Walt

        Done babbling yet?

      3. Vicki

        Well said! But if Disney should lose their tax advantage, shouldn’t that bastion of Trumpublicans know as THE VILLAGES also lose theirs?

    2. Ray W

      Very well said!

  8. Dee

    I really hope Disney leaves Florida. Just go to another less political state. I’m sure one of f the northern states would welcome this addition with open arms.

    1. Chris B

      If Disney leaves Florida then all the disney youtubers and people that flocked to the state just because they had to live near Disney World can all leave Florida too. 😀

  9. Jose

    I’m the Disney empire the mouse buys you first before you buy him

  10. Hatter

    They can “plan” to buy Disney all they want, it ain’t going to happen. Why would Disney sell out to them and lose tons of money? It won’t. They can’t offer enough money to buy it. Comcast already tried, and they have much more money. These Republicans are crazy.

    Heck, I can plan to buy the International Space Station, but it’s never going to be sold to me.

  11. S1

    Within the next decade Disney will be broken up by Capitol Hill and lose all those studios and IPs they bought thanks to a little thing called antitrust. That will mean bye bye Marvel, Lucasfilm, ABC, ESPN, Muppets, and even Pixar.

  12. Julian H

    I hope this bunch of jokers on the Disney board are brought out, they need a rocket up their butt for sure, the way they manage the Company and its parks, they just rip of their customers to cash grab.

    They need new blood, hopefully it will be someone with the customer in mind not just their pocket.

    1. Common Sense

      Maximizing value for shareholders is actually their job. One could argue that as long as the parks are full, they are obligated to raise prices.

      1. Julian H

        They have a morale responsibility too and need to be fair to their customers, the reputation of Disney is terrible right now and with all the cash grabs this is going to have in the long to short run a hit on their shares. I also believe the shares have recently dropped quite a bit because of this greedy boards actions.

        Was this Covid influx of customers that just needed to get out after lock down has dropped off, Disney must be aware just how many of its Customers are upset with them and many are not returning, they will need to do something big to turn it around. Or they may loose it anyway.

      2. S1

        Disney shouldn’t have shareholders. No company should. Disney should have an owner who answers to nobody and has dictatorial power. Sports teams have owners and nobody complains about that. Which is why when I seize Disney in a hostile takeover, I will be the owner by way of seizing 51% of the stock. Under my rule, Disney will once again ask “What Would Walt Do?” to get things done like they did after his death and the board will be replaced by a cabinet of my loyal followers as if I were Voldemort and they were my Death Eaters. Minority shareholders will be subject to oppression as punishment.

  13. Common Sense

    Setting aside whether this is true, and I have serious doubts, does no one enjoy the irony here? Conservatives are simultaneously applauding Musk’s purchase of Twitter in the name of free speech and this proposed purchase of Disney because they don’t like what it is saying. Best part – they don’t see this as hypocritical. Hysterical.

    1. Wendy O

      Liberals can’t define what a woman is…
      Men can have babies and have periods…
      Minnie Mouse is being redefined to wear pants and not a skirt. Enough said.
      Democrats are the party of crazy people and on the wrong side of history
      Read how the Roman empire fell and you will realize liberal values are what caused it

  14. Tink

    I agree with you, Julian. The parks should have been run the way Walt would have wanted it run. After all, it was his dream. Liberal Chapek is destroying it and he needs to go. Liberals destroy everything they touch.

  15. Kevin

    Guessing the one Twit in opposition they cited (and many of the people posting on here) need some reading comprehension classes. It said “… and other investors….” Meaning its not just Peter will to invest and try to buy Disney. It’s never going to happen anyway but people really need to learn to read.

  16. Jennifer Moore

    I would love to see something like this happen! Walt originally created out of a lack of places where families could enjoy time together. The empire he created was a wholesome one. An escape from everything in the world into a utopian idea of an ideal world. Clean cut, friendly cast members. An always tidy environment. And a company parents can trust for their children. It wasn’t like every other park, every other media company. It wasn’t worldly. It was held to a higher standard and that is what set it apart and made it stand head and shoulders above the rest. Walt wasn’t woke. What he created wasn’t woke. I’ve been a life long Disney fan and I’m an annual Passholder. I don’t see me ever renewing my pass if things continue down the road that they have been taking for some time. Making this jump I to asserting themselves into woke politics is just the last straw. I think, whether it would appear so or not, I’m likely in the majority. The Disney giant will fall in time if it doesn’t change course.

  17. Kneejerk

    Anyone who believes this- I also have some prime swampland available for development.

  18. William Meyer

    Zygotes can’t be murdered.

  19. Owen

    Makes sense. Theil was a frequenter of Epstein’s parties. The groomer buying out the place that attracts children, would be right up his alley. Amazing how many of the “Disney’s grooming kids” people are actually predators themselves.

    1. Rashida

      Inshallah, Disney shall move towards Allah’s grace and true justice.

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