Guests Hope Newest Disney Addition Is Temporary, It’s Like “Six Flags”

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Avengers campus at night disney California adventure

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At Disneyland’s newest expansion, Guests are not liking one aspect of the area and are hoping it’s just “temporary”.

Credit: Disney

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There isn’t a more talked-about aspect of the Disneyland Resort than the new Avengers Campus expansion. Opening last summer, the new land promised a Marvel-centric experience, complete with characters like Spider-Man, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Widow, and more.

The land also features two attractions in the form of WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure as well as Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!.

guardians of the galaxy mission breakout groot with sign
Credit: Disney

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Here Guests can live out their own Marvel adventures surrounded by iconic characters, food, and rides. Despite the exciting new additions and experiences to the Southern California Resort, a lot of fans have not been completely convinced by Avengers Campus. Some Guests were upset that this new land replaced an older land themed to A Bug’s Life (1998) and still feel like it doesn’t compare to the original Pixar-inspired area.

Disney even teased this with Ant-Man holding a shrunken replica of the land that Avengers Campus replaced. Recently, Disney added onto this land in a very small way, but the impact has been big online with many Guests disliking it.

See the tweet that sparked this debate below shared by Patrick Dougall (@PatrickADougall):

I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit.

As you can see, a seating area has been set up in Avengers Campus, complete with umbrellas for shade. While thoughtful, many did not like this addition to the new land, as it messed with the ambiance as well as the overall theming.

joseph (@disneywjoseph) said:

pls say this is temporary

Jinxverywhere (@JinxEverywhere) said:

Probably because it’s one of the worst designed theme park lands Disney has ever done… it’s just over all bad use of space and bad design. This looks like something I would see at SixFlags

Liz (@chimchimchurro) said:

NOOOO this is a travesty.

While this was a solid attempt at giving Guests more seating and shade, we can’t help but agree that this new setup clashes with the land’s aesthetic and atmosphere.

More on Avengers Campus


An All-New Land at Disney California Adventure Park—Now Open!

Team Up with the Avengers—Explore a Campus Created for the Next Generation of Super Heroes!

Web Slingers
Credit: Disney

WEB Open House Goes Haywire

Embark on an action-packed adventure alongside the amazing Spider-Man! When Peter Parker’s helpful but otherwise buggy Spider-Bots get stuck in replication mode and escape from a WEB Workshop, Spider-Man must stop the rampaging robots before they wreak total techno-havoc across Avengers Campus. Problem is, they’re rapidly leveling up and becoming tough to beat!

Your task? Hop aboard a WEB Slinger vehicle and help weave a frenzied web to trap these friendly neighborhood sidekicks in true Spidey style. It’s up to you to unleash your inner hero and save the Campus from complete chaos!

Perfect for up-and-coming recruits—with no height restrictions.

Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout
Credit: Disney

Step Inside a Towering Citadel

Taneleer Tivan, a.k.a. the Collector, has brought his unique collection of fantastical fauna, relics and species from across the cosmos to earth for the very first time. He offers to show you his newest acquisition… the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket, Drax and Groot are held captive in electrified glass cases that dangle perilously over an abyss.

Join a Rockin’ Rescue Mission
When Rocket escapes, he commandeers a gantry lift and enlists your help on a harrowing mission to rescue his fellow Guardians. Prepare to unleash intergalactic mayhem from the top of the fortress to the bottom, as one of Star-Lord’s awesome mixtapes blasts a classic tune!

family at avengers campus disneyland
Credit: Disney

At Disneyland, there is so much for Guests to enjoy! Now that the mask mandate has dropped for fully vaccinated Guests, Guests can enter buildings without a face covering if they so choose. Walking up to Sleeping Beauty Castle is always a dream, especially when you get to go inside and relive the story of Aurora and Maleficent. Riding classics like “it’s a small world”, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, The Haunted Mansion, Matterhorn Bobsleds, Splash Mountain, and more will have you feeling the magic, and craving a churro! Toontown is currently gearing up for a massive change which will be revealed in 2023 with the reopening of the land, and the debut of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. Plus, now at Disneyland, Guests can enjoy Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge for some blue milk, or green milk, and ride Rise of the Resistance and Smuggler’s Run. Now, Guests can also enjoy Disneyland Forever and the Main Street Electrical Parade!

Do you enjoy Avengers Campus at Disneyland?

There is so much to see and do at Disney California Adventure Park! Guests can enjoy Buena Vista Street as they walk the roads Walt had in Hollywood, enjoy a hand-dipped corn dog at Award Wieners, Head to Cars Land to enjoy the neon signage and Radiator Springs Racers, check out the new Marvel-themed land in Avengers Campus, where they can meet Spider-Man, Loki, Ant-Man, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, and so many more characters. And of course, you have to ride WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure and Guardians of the Galaxy: MISSION BREAKOUT. Rock on the Silly Symphony Swings as well, and go catch Jack Jack on Incredicoaster! The list of rides and attractions never ends!

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