Disneyland Passholders Upset at Magic Key News, “Prepare to Pay More”

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As of May 31, all Disneyland Magic Keys are no longer available to purchase – meaning that Disneyland is no longer accepting new Annual Passholders.

magic key sold out
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Current Magic Key holders eligible for renewal this summer will have a short window to renew with one of several passes available, but a specific date hasn’t been announced. From Nexstar theme Park reporter Scott Gustin:

Here are the specifics about renewals: “This summer, we will offer current Magic Key holders – who are in the renewal window – an opportunity to renew into one of several passes available in the program. We will share details about renewals at a later date.”

This news comes amid an ongoing lawsuit against Disneyland on behalf of Magic Key holders. The lawsuit reads:

“The problem was not that Disney had reached its capacity and therefore could not provide reservations to its Dream Key pass holders. The problem was that Disney had decided to block out reservations so that they were only available to new purchases and were not available to Dream Key pass holders.

Disney appears to be limiting the number of reservations available to Dream Key pass holders on any given day in order to maximize the number of single day and other passes that Disney can sell.”

Magic Key Launch Experience
Credit: ITM Krysten S.

Longtime Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Guests are voicing concern on social media about what this will mean for the future of the Annual Pass program. With Magic Keys no longer available for sale, Disney could be revamping the program or scrapping it altogether.

One Reddit user, u/jmchain, expressed that they worry Disney is gearing up to raise prices, writing:

Perhaps just a way to keep people who buy a day ticket over the summer from converting to a pass at the end of the day. That way they still have to pay full price for the pass. With the new guy in charge, whatever comes up next isn’t going to be saving anyone but Disney any money. Prepare to pay more.

Magic Key Launch Experience
Credit: ITM Krysten S.

A current Magic Key holder, Liz, @wildbluesonder on Twitter, worries Disney is giving up on the program and forcing current Passholders to downgrade to a Pass with fewer benefits:

As if managing the frustrations and limitations surrounding the Dream Key weren’t enough to deal with for the last year, an implied forced downgrade feels like they pretty much gave up before trying to fix it. Ugh.

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One Disneyland fan shared a poorly timed story- they visited Disneyland last week and decided to forgo upgrading to the Enchant Key from their current pass level, planning to do so the very same day the passes were taken off sale. Reddit user u/TikiRik wrote:

I was supposed to go up TODAY to upgrade to the Enchant so I can hold more reservations and have some weekends available (I have the imagine key). I cursed it!

Last Tuesday I talked to the ticket booth and the CM said it was $200 to upgrade so I decided to wait a week to gather the funds, and my mom even said “What if they aren’t available next week” half jokingly, and I said yeah it’s possible they really have no incentive to sell passes anymore they can just sell day tickets and still always be at or near capacity. I went on the website this morning and all passes said “unavailable” and I thought no f*ckin way lol, this just confirmed it haha. Wow. Cursed, I say!

Mr. Toad magic Key shot
Credit: Disney

Another fan, Reddit user u/MunchyLB, posted a call to action that became popular among Disneyland fans, writing:

Everyone get ready to pay more and receive less. Please reconsider and voice your opinions with your dollars. 

Inside the Magic will report any new information regarding Disneyland’s Magic Key program or any Annual Pass.

Are you a Disneyland Magic Key holder affected by this change? Let us know in the comments. 

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