Guests Say Disney’s “Painful, Headache-Inducing” Ride Is Getting Worse

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A few Disneyland fans are convinced that one ride is getting more painful to experience.

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When visiting Disneyland, also known as “The Happiest Place on Earth“, Guests have a wide variety of classic and iconic attractions to experience. Being the first-ever Disney theme Park to open, Disneyland in Anaheim, California is an important piece of Disney history, containing some of the most legendary rides in the world.

From classic dark rides like Haunted Mansion and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride to more fast-paced attractions such as Radiator Springs Racers and Indiana Jones Adventure, there is something for everybody at both Disneyland and Disneyland California Adventure.

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One of the most popular and historic rides at the Park has to be Matterhorn Bobsleds. This ride is not only a beloved ride but paved the way for future roller coasters. The ride takes Guests through the famous Swiss Alps, rising them up and plummeting them down, all the while encountering a mysterious beast who takes swipes at them. The ride eventually ends with Guests swooping through the water at the base of the mountain.

Despite how beloved this ride is, it is certainly showing its age. The ride is infamous for its jerky nature and rough ride experience, similar to what Guests complain about in Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain and Animal Kingdom’s DINOSAUR.

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In a post shared to Reddit, one Guest is convinced that Matterhorn Bobsleds is now even worse. The post reads as follows:

Ever since the reopening, the attraction has been a bit painful to ride. The sharp turns throw you a bit, and the track feels a lot bumpier. Did they cut the ride’s maintenance or something?

I’m a 24 year old man in athletic shape and I could swear it wasn’t like this before the pandemic

Several Guests agreed, saying that the ride is definitely worse now. In the comment section, users shared their own thoughts, opinions, and theories regarding this ride. One user said that they think one track is better than the other when it comes to jerkiness. Another brought up a refurbishment that happened a while ago, citing this as a possible reason they feel like this, “It got rougher when they changed the vehicles back in 2012 to the two three-car vehicles. Also, the track has no banks and was literally hand-shaped as they built it. No computers like modern-day coasters.” One Guest even claimed it gave them a headache.

Another Guest said that this ride is the most uncomfortable rides that they have been on. A lot of Guests thought that the ride had gotten worse, but maybe this was just because they themselves were getting older, “Yes!! My son said the same thing and I told him we both must be getting old Lol. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this. Although I am getting old.” The general consensus from Guests was that the attraction is long “overdue for a refurbishment.

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Disney’s official description of Matterhorn Bobsleds

Conquer the Mountain – and a Mythic Monster

Climb into a 6-person bobsled and brace yourself against howling winds as you ascend 80 feet up into an icy cave. Take in the sweeping views at the summit and prepare for a thrilling, high-speed ride. 

Swoop in and out of shadowy caves and along jagged rocky ledges. Throttle through snowy chutes and around frozen precipices. Fly across bridges and under waterfalls before splashing down into an alpine lake. 

The real peril is not snow or sleet! Stories abound of a growling creature known as the Abominable Snowman—who will do anything and everything to protect his home. 

Do you have what it takes to find out if the legends are true?

2 Different Routes

There are 2 bobsled tracks: 1 on the Fantasyland side of the mountain and the other on the Tomorrowland side. During slower periods, only a single track may be in operation.

At Disneyland, there is so much for Guests to enjoy! Now that the mask mandate has dropped for fully vaccinated Guests, Guests can enter buildings without a face covering if they so choose. Walking up to Sleeping Beauty Castle is always a dream, especially when you get to go inside and relive the story of Aurora and Maleficent. Riding classics like “it’s a small world”, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, The Haunted Mansion, Matterhorn Bobsleds, Splash Mountain, and more will have you feeling the magic, and craving a churro! Toontown is currently gearing up for a massive change which will be revealed in 2023 with the reopening of the land, and the debut of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. Plus, now at Disneyland, Guests can enjoy Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge for some blue milk, or green milk, and ride Rise of the Resistance and Smuggler’s Run. Now, Guests can also enjoy Disneyland Forever and the Main Street Electrical Parade!

Do you have issues with this ride?

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