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star tours

Credit: Disney

There is no shortage of fun and exciting attractions at the Disney Parks. From Expedition Everest and Matterhorn Bobsleds to all of the amazing rides found within Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Guests are always on for a fun-filled adventure. And speaking of Star Wars, some exciting news was announced for a very popular and historic attraction.

Star Tours
Credit: Disney

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This past week, Star Wars Celebration was held in Anaheim, California, allowing fans of all ages to experience an incredible event filled with their favorite characters, celebrities, merchandise, and chances to meet other passionate people within the community.

We got some very exciting news and information from this event, but some of the most exciting and unexpected came in the form of Disney Park news.

star tours
Credit: Disney

Several Guests at the Star Wars Celebration event confirmed that Disney plans to add more destinations to Star Tours. Brooke Geiger McDonald (@BrookeGMcDonald) tweeted:

NEW: Star Tours will include new destinations. “I think we should do some more.” @missingwords A Star Tours panel will follow this one. #starwarscelebration

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Currently, there are five options for first and second sequence planets each — three inspired by the Prequel Trilogy and two by the Sequels for each set. We have no details at present on the new scenes and where they may take inspiration from, nor which parks will be receiving these new scenes. Star Tours: The Adventures Continue is currently installed at Disneyland, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Tokyo Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris.

Disney’s official description of Star Tours is as follows:

Explore a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Board your Starspeeder 1000 and prepare for take off! When a series of mishaps unwittingly causes your starship to launch too soon, protocol droid C-3PO takes the controls.

Suddenly, the ship is intercepted by Imperial—or First Order—forces searching for a Rebel spy. To avoid capture, you’ll embark on a thrilling, unpredictable flight that rockets you to the farthest reaches of the galaxy.

Featuring a flight simulator, digital 3D video, Audio-Animatronics characters and “in-cockpit” special effects and music, this attraction immerses you in the Star Warsmythology for an unforgettable intergalactic adventure.

Will your starspeeder elude capture and make it back to the base? May the Force be with you—always.

Featuring Favorite Star Wars Characters

Your adventure may take you face-to-face with First Order villain Kylo Ren, menacing bounty hunter Boba Fett, ace pilot Poe Dameron, Princess Leia or Jedi Master Yoda—plus many more.

Always a New Adventure

Find yourself in a unique story again and again—including one inspired by Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Anytime you ride, you might fly into the middle of a furious battle on Crait, dodge blaster fire from TIE fighters on Jakku, swoop into the dreaded Death Star or dive deep under the oceans of Naboo.

Plus, to celebrate Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Star Tours now features an all-new destination from the movie—the ocean moon of Kef Bir.”

star tours
Credit: Disney

As stated above, Star Tours can be found at Walt Disney World, Disneyland as well as Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris.

At Disneyland, there is so much for Guests to enjoy! Now that the mask mandate has dropped for fully vaccinated Guests, Guests can enter buildings without a face covering if they so choose. Walking up to Sleeping Beauty Castle is always a dream, especially when you get to go inside and relive the story of Aurora and Maleficent. Riding classics like “it’s a small world”, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, The Haunted Mansion, Matterhorn Bobsleds, Splash Mountain, and more will have you feeling the magic, and craving a churro! Toontown is currently gearing up for a massive change which will be revealed in 2023 with the reopening of the land, and the debut of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. Plus, now at Disneyland, Guests can enjoy Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge for some blue milk, or green milk, and ride Rise of the Resistance and Smuggler’s Run. Now, Guests can also enjoy Disneyland Forever and the Main Street Electrical Parade!

Do you like Star Tours? What’s your favorite scene?

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