Major Technical Difficulty Leaves Disney Guest With “Broken Imagination”

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figment technical difficulty

Located in EPCOT, Journey Into Imagination With Figment is a fan-favorite attraction for many. After Guests experience Journey Into Imagination With Figment, they exit into the ImageWorks area, where they can further explore their imagination with interactive games and activities.

Well, the imagination was broken for some as a technical difficulty occurred within one of the interactive activities.

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figment D23 animatronic journey into imagination
Credit: D23

If you have never been to ImageWorks, Disney describes this section of the theme park as:

After your Journey Into Imagination with Figment, stay and play with sensory activities and games that spark creativity.

Lead an orchestra by waving your arms in the air, create a symphony of sound by jumping on “Stepping Tones,” record yourself in super-slow motion and design your own dragon and email it to your friends.

What if… every day could be this fun?

Figment from Journey Into Imagination!
Credit: Disney

On a recent visit to ImageWorks, which again, is where Guests can explore and play with sensory activities and games, an odd technical difficulty popped up, leaving Guests without any imagination.

Disney fan and Twitter user, Andrew, shared a photo of the broken Imagination game, which showed a Windows message:

Womp womp. I guess my imagination’s broken? #Imagination #Figment #Epcot

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Many Disney fans were confused by this technical difficulty, including Twitter user, Kelly, who wrote:

…wait, what? I mean like the windows XP pop up doesn’t shock me but I’m confused by the message. what is going on?

Andrew replied to Kelly, further explaining where this technical difficulty was happening, which was at ImageWorks, just outside of the Figment attraction:

This is at one of the interactive things in ImageWorks — the one where you wave your hand and it makes music? Is broken with either a Windows 95 or Windows 98 error message in the year of our Lordt 2022. XP had the curved logo.

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In case you’ve never experienced this attraction before, the official description of this ride reads:

journey into imagination with figment
Credit: Disney

Have you ever ridden Journey Into Imagination With Figment? Do you enjoy walking through ImageWorks? Let us know in the comments.

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