Airline Passenger Panics After Being Left With Broken Wheelchair In the Rain

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Credit: Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Recently, a passenger was abandoned and left without any assistance by a major airline for nearly an hour.

jetblue plane on tarmac
Credit: JetBlue

As the world continues to deal with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, we have seen every single industry be hit in several devastating ways. Most notably, we have seen an overall lack of staffing for every business. The entirety of the travel industry was put on hold for a brief period of time and it seems like companies have struggled to get back to a more normal operating state.

While this is one possible reason for delayed or canceled flights, leaving passengers behind is a whole other issue. This is exemplified in one of JetBlue’s passengers recently as they provided a detailed account of getting left behind by the airliner. See the story in a concerning tweet thread below from MzYomi (@YomiWrong). As a warning, there is some explicit language used in the tweet thread:

Abandoned by @JetBlue in Newark at gate 38. They’ve lost my wheelchair and refuse to call a supervisor #DisabilityTwitter RT appreciated

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The passenger continued to share more on the same thread, detailing the amount of time they had been forced to wait. Eventually, the passenger’s sister showed up after finding the wheelchair left on the tarmac in the rain:

My sister had to go find my chair after 3 @JetBlue employees lying for a whole ass hour that it was on the way. It was SITTING on the tarmac. In the rain. You can’t make this shit up. I want a refund on my first class upgrade #DisabilityTwitter

Finally, the passenger ended the thread by claiming that JetBlue had broken their wheelchair after leaving it out in the rain.

P.S. @JetBlue broke my chair. I’m holding a piece of it in my lap on the drive into manhattan.

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The passenger later tweeted how they were anticipating a personal message and apology but got a very lackluster corporate pre-written type of response instead. We are unsure how or if the situation has since been resolved between the passenger and JetBlue.

Have you ever experienced something like this?

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