Can an Adult Order a Kid’s Meal at Disney?

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Disney foodies can eat their way through Disney with ease. Making meals out of snacks, festival tastes, or new dishes from restaurants, there are so many ways to do it! But what about those that have a smaller appetite, or even less advertised, the folks with a more picky sensibility regarding Disney dining? Many Disney Guests want to know, can an adult order a kid’s meal at Disney? Here is the real answer…

Can An Adult Order A Kid’s Meal at Disney?

Can An Adult Order A Kid's Meal at Disney?
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Short answer: Yes. An adult is free to order a kid’s meal for lunch, dinner, or otherwise. But there are a few things you should know before you walk off planning on kid’s meals for every day of your Disney vacation. After speaking with the Disney culinary team, you should know they have planned a “yellow food” at every Disney Park eatery. This means that chicken nuggets, mac n cheese, fries, or noodles are available at every establishment. Mostly found on the kid’s menu, these meals allow diners with preferred sensibilities to dine without worry.

But what if you are an adult with these preferences? Don’t worry, Disney actually has you covered. You can order these items, too.

Ordering A Kid’s Meal at Disney Quick Service

disney kids meal
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Each quick service restaurant is a counter-service-style establishment. This means you and your party can approach the counter (or a register, such as at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn) and order your meal. Many of these locations support Mobile Order, too, making the process faster and more streamlined. The menus at these places are posted overhead, for ease of selection, and are also available on your mobile device if you are ordering ahead of time via My Disney Experience.

The kid’s meals will be posted, with choices of side AND a drink, making a fabulous package deal. Oftentimes a small portion to match the smaller price, adults can order these without hesitation and receive them at the counter. No red tape to go through; simply choose your meal and enjoy!

Ordering A Kid’s Meal at Disney Table Service

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The harder part of the deal is here, at Disney’s table service dining restaurant. Locations with this style of eating are Chef Mickey’s or Be Our Guest. Often, Guests are unsure of the process here to order the children’s meal entrée choices. While you are free, as an adult, to choose the pasta or chicken nuggets, you will be given an adult entrée portion at an adult price. This means you get to choose your food, but get a portion that will fill you up, too!

Sometimes Guests have reported pushback from Cast Members saying the selections on the kid’s menus are only for Guests under the age of 10. Disney’s policy here looks to be that the choice may lie at the Cast Member’s discretion, which is sticky. Disney’s own Disney Parks Moms Panel, turned planDisney reports that you should check the policies at each restaurant (particularly at Walt Disney World Resort) as the policies can change from place to place. They also mention that the adult portion at an adult price shouldn’t be a problem, either.

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So how about you? Are you a kid’s meal lover? What are your favorite selections at a Disney Park? Leave us a comment below!

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