5 Reasons to Eat at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments the Next Time you Visit Magic Kingdom

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Feeling so hungry it’s scary? Stop by Magic Kingdom’s Sleepy Hollow Refreshments for a bite to eat, including some famous theme park snacks. The eatery has become extremely popular over the last several years thanks to a selection of cult favorites and new offerings. Ride on in and see what you can snack on…

5 Reasons to Eat at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments

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While you won’t need a Walt Disney World Resort dining reservation to eat at this theme park stop, you will need to be sure to make a Park Pass Reservation, because this tasty counter is located inside Magic Kingdom. The quick-service restaurant does boast plentiful outdoor seating, some of which is covered, and offers fantastic views of the theme park. Pro tip: grab a snack here and camp out for the Festival of Fantasy Parade, which has returned to Magic Kingdom’s parade pathway.

The Story Inspired Location

The Washington Irving-inspired location has only small touches of the titular novel or Disney animated special, The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (1949). The Legend of Sleepy Hollow does take place in colonial America, which is the origin-idea for this land of Magic Kingdom. The architecture of this area is keenly tied to history, so using this lesser-known Disney IP to lend a story to the building is quite fun. You never know if you’ll hear the Headless Horseman galloping past…

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The Magic Kingdom Parade Route

On a more serious note, this restaurant does line the path of the standard season parade as well as the holiday parades. Magic Kingdom parade routes start in the back of Frontierland, snake down the center of Liberty Square, and out to Cinderella Hub before finishing down Main Street, U.S.A. The direction of parades can shift from time to time, but the path is almost always the same. Grab your purchase of food and drink from Sleepy Hollow (don’t forget the napkins!) and secure your spot along the parade route. It will be a snack-laden break that your feet with thank you for!

If you’re in town for the August, September, or October Halloween celebrations like Boo Bash, you’ll be able to hear and watch him ride by before the parade begins. Remember that those evening parades often require an additional after-hours or Disney party ticket, so double-check your My Disney Experience plans before you stay past 6 p.m. The headless horseman is a must-see spooky spectacle.

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The Views of Cinderella Castle

One of the best perks of snacking at Sleepy Hollow is the view. Opposite the parade side of the building, there’s a lot of seating. While some of it is covered, there are a few tables lining the stone wall before it leads Guests up a small path to Fantasyland. Here, a great spectacle of views is available… Cinderella Castle’s majestic side view reflects in the moat below for some fantastic Kodak moments.  Be sure to snap a few photos!

Fresh Fruit Waffle
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The Limited Time or Party Treats

Oftentimes, the Disney culinary team will cook up some special treats inspired by the season, a holiday, an after-hours party, or in the case of 2021, Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th-anniversary celebration. Party Guests will find Christmas cookies and hot chocolate, while Halloween Guests may find a Hocus Pocus dessert or Constance Hatchaway’s Wedding Cake. For the 50th anniversary, Sleepy Hollow offered “The Doom Berry,” which was a Blackberry Ginger Beer with EARidescence Sugar served with a Haunted Mansion-themed Straw. A Stretching Portrait push-pop was also available.

The nice thing about these Limited Time Snacks is that they change fairly often, so there’s always something new to try. You can check current menus online, or follow our seasonal Foodie Guides.

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The Tasty Menu at Sleepy Hollow

Let’s be honest. While the above reasons are great reasons to get you to Sleepy Hollow, we all know what we’re here for. The Sleepy Hollow Waffle Sandwiches, and specifically, the Fresh Fruit Waffle. A complete misnomer, the name suggests a more healthy item than what you will receive, which is a decadent, luscious chocolate treat. A large Belgian waffle is folded in half, smeared with a generous portion of Nutella, and topped with banana slices, strawberry quarters, and blueberries. It’s become a cult favorite of Disney fans and this reporter’s personal breakfast. You can grab this waffle all day long for the bargain price of $8.49. You can absolutely share this snack item… but we keep it all for ourselves.

sleepy hollow waffle sandwich
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If you enjoy the sweet waffle, you might also want to try the savory version on the Sleepy Hollow menu. The Sweet-and-Spicy Chicken-Waffle Sandwich sells for about $12 and includes Broccoli Slaw with a Honey-Sriracha Glaze served with House-made Chips. Savory indeed! You can also grab a turkey leg (with weird hours as a limitation) or a classic theme park corn dog.

If you’re early in the day, a Mickey waffle plate is up for sale. Another fan favorite is the classic theme park funnel cake. Priced for under $9, it can come with ($) or without strawberries and whipped cream as well as powdered sugar.

sleepy hollow whipped cream funnel cake
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Of course, coffees, soft drinks, lemonade, and bottled waters are also for sale. If you’re a primed theme park goer, you may already know this is a great location to stop for a free cup of ice water. Fresh and filtered, Disney offers cups of ice water at quick-service locations at no cost. You might have to wait a moment, but it’s worth it. Cast Members have also been spotted out front with short cups of water for a quick grab in the hotter months.

Disney touts this quick-service establishment on its website, saying:

Fill the hollow in your belly with a tasty treat at this quaint brick cottage by Cinderella Castle. Choose between sweet waffle sandwiches or funnel cakes topped with strawberries and whipped cream.

Do you often find yourself in Liberty Square at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments? Leave us a comment with your favorite order!

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