Orlando Theme Park Smacked With Lawsuit After Family Leaves Assaulted

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When Guests visit any theme park, they often go with the intention to have a fun-filled day full of memories. The idea of being injured or harassed while looking for the next coaster to ride is not one that easily comes to mind, and often, not something Guests have to deal with. But, no matter what Park you are at, even places like Universal Orlando Resort and Walt Disney World, the possibility of Guests acting out is always there.

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Most recently, SeaWorld Orlando has been charged with a lawsuit after a family who visited the Park claimed that they were assaulted by a group of teenage Guests and SeaWorld Orlando failed to protect them, even after witnessing what was going on. The Orlando Sentinel reported on the ongoing incident which involved Aimee, Michael and Connor Johnson, along with Holly Witt of Duval County on behalf of a child. The group filed the lawsuit against SeaWorld on February 1, and claim that they were seriously injured due to SeaWorld’s negligence. The suit is priced at $100,000.

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It seems that the Guests who filed the suit were in line for an undisclosed attraction, and alleged that a group of teenagers began “acting out”. It seems that the exact reason for the start of the fight is quite foggy, but the teenagers seemingly started to physically attack the plaintiffs. It was reported that even after they got off the ride, the group of teens were waiting to continue harassing the now injured Guests. It was said that during this fight, SeaWorld staffing did not do anything to stop it, which led to a compromise in safety for the Guests.

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SeaWorld’s lawyer has denied all charges in the latest court hearing, stating ” that under Florida law, the park has a duty to protect guests. The filing said the plaintiffs’ injuries were caused by their own negligence or carelessness and that they seemingly provoked the other group.” The fight broke out on May 2, 2021, as reported by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, who also had reports of the fight.

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SeaWorld’s security seemingly did question the teens but then allowed them to leave, which caused the Johnson group to cross their path once again while in the parking lot on their way to the hospital. The Johnson’s asked SeaWorld to be walked out of the Park for protection, which SeaWorld provided, but after the employee left, it seems that the group still felt in danger, and called for assistance. No one arrived until after the teenagers left.

As reported, “The plaintiffs said they needed medical attention and continue to suffer mental and physical pain from the incident, but the lawsuit doesn’t give details on their injuries.”

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More on SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando recently unleashed Ice Breaker, an all-new coaster. Ice Breaker is the newest coaster built at SeaWorld Orlando; its bright colors pull Guests in and fill a hole in the Park, which previously did not do any favors. Ice Breaker was announced to be built in 2019, but due to the pandemic, the coaster’s opening date was severely pushed back. The $8.2 million dollar attraction shoots up and down at 93 feet and hits a speed of 52 miles per hour. Although those stats don’t really give off the “terrifying” vibe, the coaster packs a lot more punch than it may seem.

Infinity Falls
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At the moment, SeaWorld is celebrating their Seven Seas Food Festival, which can be described as:

Seven Seas Food Festival
Set Sail on a Taste Adventure

Oceans of flavor and fun are waiting at SeaWorld. From foodies to families, everyone will find tasty delights among more than 200 distinct (and mostly new this year!) offerings. It’s the most we’ve ever had, and it makes Seven Seas the biggest theme park food festival in Orlando. Explore more than 50 fresh global cuisine choices to pair with over 75 wine and cocktail selections and 75 craft beers. Revitalize your taste buds as you share this welcoming, open-air experience every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Now – May 8. Add a taste of rock, country, Latin, or 90s throwback sounds at our live music shows, and enjoy even more diverse entertainment and surprises at special times like Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, and Cinco de Mayo. With exquisite flavors to top off exhilarating coasters and extraordinary animals, our Seven Seas Food Festival is a voyage to stir the soul—and warm the belly!

Recently, SeaWorld attempted to put out a bid to purchase Cedar Fair, however that offer was rejected.

Have you ever experienced unruly Guests at a theme park? Let us know in the comments below. 

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