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SeaWorld Orlando

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  1. jk

    Ok… first of all the lawsuit doesn’t “cost $100,000”. They are ASKING for $100,000 in compensatory damages. No lawsuit costs $100,000 to file. Your story doesn’t say that they asked for and didnt receive help after the first incident. poor storytelling yet again

  2. Andrew

    Another money grab.

  3. CheeseInFL

    More entitled BS from unsupervised children at theme parks. I had this Hakeem at HHN, but the only difference was the rowdy ‘teens’ got whooped like their deadbeat dad should have done.

  4. Sue

    Again someone looking for something for nothing I swear people are getting more and more ridiculous in there lawsuits

    1. Peter

      Beyond a doubt!!

  5. Rob

    Sounds as if the family is desperate for money to try and sue the park for $100,000. And I’m a pass member and as long as I’ve gone to Seaworld I’ve never encountered any problems. And the park has the Orange County sheriff’s in the park plus security around. I can say that I have seen guest be escorted out the park by security or an Orange County deputy once that guest has been escorted out the main gates the park is not reliable for what goes on then it becomes the sheriff’s duty to either make an arrest or serve a trespassing on a guest. Now as far as I’ve heard the park can revoke a guest pass or ticket without a refund. But it seems as the family is telling a story unless they’ve got hospital bill’s proofing there statement case probably will be thrown out unless Seaworld park’s and entertainment settles.

  6. Christian

    One problem of having prices that allow lower income bracket to purchase annual passes. All it takes is one bad actor to ruin things for everyone else.

    1. CABM

      You can’t be serious with this comment. As a “lower income” person, I appreciate being able to enjoy theme parks as much as a wealthier person, and I am very capable of behaving and treating others with courtesy while visiting. Just because some might make less, such as retail and hospitality workers, even teachers, doesn’t make us, as you called it, bad actors. You must live under a rock if you think more money equals better manners and basic common sense.

      1. Rosa

        Absolutely agree as what the heck does lower income have to do with the story. People always hot stupid crap to say. Stay relevant to the story at hand.
        It is hard to fathom that the poster is saying that people of lower income tends to behave this way. They truly must be living under a rock.

    2. Max

      Time to change your name, cause you’re absolutely NOT a “Christian”, unless you mean the really fake kind, in which case….carry on.

      1. Rosa

        Lol. 👏👏🤛

    3. Wilson

      Correct. We know what “teenagers” is code for. Yes, lower income people are statistically much more likely to behave badly in public.

  7. Christian


    1. Chris Wood

      They asked to be escorted out of the park, the park accommodated them. What happens to people after they are out the park, isn’t the parks responsibility.

  8. Taylor Hayton

    What’s sus to me is the fact they didn’t post proof that they aren’t lying which they probably are given that the sherrif mentioned nothing about a second fight, they are going to lose the lawsuit anyway.

  9. Bob

    Trash. They probably all the same people who was pullin’ the Jamaican auto accident scams. Wouldn’t surprise me if they all cousins.

  10. Rosa

    As an avid always there passholder, I have seen other people get thrown out over the yrs for various things. And I know that if such incident had occurred park security would of been there like white on rice to defuse it. So, for them to say no-one showed up is kinda sus. I’ve seen park security showed up for much less such as a lady taking a photo by the glass at orca stadium. Was it warranted yes because she crossed an obvious safety barrier. Point is if they and park police can show up for that why wouldn’t they assist with an assault. Probably an undercover Peta family trying to get on the let’s accuse seaworld unnecessarily list. SMDH2

  11. Bebe Beautiful

    Sue the family not the park!

  12. Jon M

    Teens is a politically correct media code word for young violent b***k people. Christian was just trying to be PC when he/she said lower income. I’ve never seen anyone get kicked out of a park personally but I’ve been to all of them. I’ve never had a problem. However, my ex girlfriend and her family were almost attacked by a b***k family when they say down to watch a show at SeaWorld. SeaWorld security did nothing to help them. They complained and the park comped their tickets, have them free food and free tickets for another visit. They were not assaulted but almost.

    1. StevenX

      Wow. You actually made the last half an ad for Sea World? Classless.

  13. Dawn

    Firstly, if they were injured, why would they have stayed in line and gone on the ride?!? Ludicrous! If you are injured to the point of needing to leave and go to the hospital, you would not wait in line and go on a ride which could exasperate the injury. Secondly, why would the “kids” or “teens” leave part way through the day and sit in the parking lot waiting for these particular people to be walked out?!?!?! The entire story sounds like a lot of BS.

  14. TH

    So if I read this correctly, they get assaulted, still ride the ride and are so injured they required medical attention. Definitely sounds like money grubbing.. If I was filing a lawsuit I was still suffering physically and mentally, I wouldn’t have rode the ride after an assault……..c’mon people.

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