Unlucky Disney Guest Frustrated After Experiencing Non-Stop Ride Malfunctions

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While visiting Walt Disney World as well as all the other Disney parks and Resorts, Guests are faced with a seemingly endless amount of entertainment options. With classic rides like Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Haunted Mansion as well as new “state-of-the-art” attractions like Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, Guests have a lot to choose from.

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Due to how complex some of the newer rides are, however, Guests may experience breakdowns or malfunctions while onboard. Recently, one Guest went to social media to vent about their super unlucky trip to the Parks, detailing all of the things that went wrong while riding a few attractions.

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User u/coadyh made a long and detailed post on Reddit about the situation which you can check out below:

Before I start I wanted to say I don’t normally post on reddit at all. There are very few things that I feel like sharing with others. But this whole story you may be about to read feels to me like it captures a lot of peoples frustrations lately with Disney World.

To preface this story, my wife and myself were at WDW February 7th-14th and experience some of the longest ride times we have seen since it reopened. We are so called “Disney Adults” and usually know what to expect and tend to keep our expectations in check. But our week at Disney was no where near as bad as my coworkers who is visiting this week.

She and her family visited Hollywood Studios on Tuesday Feb 15th and on their first ride of the day Mickey and Minnies Runaway Railway (which they paid for lightning lane for) broke down. She was actually pretty thrilled to have finally been able to experience what a ride evacuation was like. She filmed what it was like and explained they were given a pass to any ride EXCEPT Rise of the Resistance. I told her that even without a lightning lane pass, she needs to try to experience Rise of the Resistance because of how awesome I think the ride is. When checking the Disney World app it had shown that ROTR was down and she figured that they would likely not get the chance to ride. Later last night she texts me that the ride was back up and they waited a little over an hour to get on only to have been evacuated once again from a ride. 2 ride evacuations is 2 more than my wife and myself have had in our 10 vacations to WDW. But the story keeps getting better..

This morning (2/16/22) I get a text that her family got up bright and early for their day at Epcot to get on Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, since they were staying on property getting the early access. Well guess what happened? The 3d movie screens on the ride ended up going black half way into the ride and they were ONCE AGAIN EVACUATED!

I honestly cannot believe the bad luck she has had on her short trip so far, but wouldn’t you know it she was determined to be able to do at least one of her favorite rides at Epcot. Undeterred from her disaster of a visit she purchases a lightning lane for Frozen ever after. As they walked over to try to get on ANY ride they could, they were stopped before even entering the lightning lane and told the ride was currently BEING EVACUATED.

So to recap:

  1. Runaway Railway – Evacuated

  2. Rise of the Resistance – Evacuated

  3. Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure – Evacuated

  4. Frozen Ever After – Stopped at the entrance due to it being evacuated…

Has anyone else had this bad of luck while visiting the parks or is it just her?

Is it normal for this many rides to go down in just 2 days?

Evacuated from 3 rides in 2 days?!?! from WaltDisneyWorld

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As you can read, the Guest got experienced 4 ride evacuations on 4 different rides in a span of 2 days at the Parks. The 4 rides were evenly split between EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios and those in the comments had a lot to say. User u/Underbadger said:

I’ve only been evacuated from one ride in 15+ years of going to WDW fairly regularly, so this is extraordinarily bad luck (or gremlins in the maintenance system).

User u/sejohnson0408 commented:

There’s also the new cast member element to this. I was in line for mine train, they shut it down for a “weird smell” maintenance came checked it out everything was completely normal. Maintenance guy said it’s happening a lot right now as new cast members are being careful.

User u/jamvng also talked about how unlucky this Guest’s experience was:

Bad luck. I’ve had my fair share of ride breakdowns. But never that many in a row. It’s always going to be happen given the complexity of some of the rides and the fact they are running everyday, but still sucks.


User u/itsagoodtime said:

When I read things like this, see the current costs of the parks. It doesn’t make me want to go.

Evacuations are a rare occurrence for most rides and attractions at Walt Disney World and some dedicated Guests actually hope to be evacuated sometimes. While these issues can be frustrating, Disney will always try to make it up o Guests, offering free Lightning Lane passes to other rides.

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Have you ever been evacuated off of a ride at Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments below. 

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