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Revenge of the Mummy Universal Orlando

Credit: Universal

While there are so many great thrill rides like The Incredible Hulk, Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the new VelociCoaster in the Jurassic Park section of the Park, few attractions reach the level of theming and status of Revenge of the Mummy.

Revenge of the Mummy Universal Orlando
Credit: Universal

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Based on The Mummy franchise starring Brendan Fraiser, the rides take Guests on a terrifying and dangerous journey as they flee from the evil Imhotep. The ride features twists, turns, drops, and even fire in an experience that’s unlike anything else at the Park. Recently, however, the ride closed for a scheduled refurbishment, leaving many fans and Universal Guests worried about the future of the ride.

Revenge of the Mummy Universal Orlando
Credit: Universal

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A recent post on Reddit highlighted these concerns, with Guests worried the pre-show or story would be significantly altered in the refurbishment at the Universal Studios Park in Florida. See the full post below:

Possibly no more hot set at the mummy?

So along with possible changes to the electrical and control system, one rumor for the light the refurbishment is possibly to match the other versions of the ride and get rid of the hot set part and just enter the Museum of antiquities.

The video I am watching from Theme park spot listed that a lot of that part of the attraction has been taken over by the tribute stores and also the big locker area. They also talk about that video that people used to watch that kind of explained the story. If they got rid of this which also includes the final cup of coffee scene, I could kind of understand it.

How would you feel if they got rid of the movie set tie in and just made it the Museum of antiquities as the basis?

Possibly no more hot set at the mummy? from UniversalOrlando

favorite experiences at Universal Studios Revenge of the Mummy
Credit: Universal

As stated in the post, the user is worried that the pre-show to the iconic attraction could be removed, meaning Guests would simply walk through the Museum portion of the queue without the “hot set” theming. Many commented with their opinions on this possible change with user u/Tbhjr commenting:

That would suck. I don’t care for Hollywood’s version of the ride and if I recall correctly, I’m pretty sure you die at the end of the ride (according to the story)

User u/Brando43770 agreed, saying:

I’m closer to the Hollywood version and tbh the ending has always been a mess there. I think early on you would almost die in a fog filled room but something causes it to disappear. But then they changed it to more nonsense.

I’ll take the far superior Orlando version any day.

User u/timerover also agreed that this change would be disappointing, saying:

I’d be disappointed. The weird, randomness to it was hilarious and unique. Why not add more tvs or make a preshow room? It’s true you don’t get enough opportunity to see the preshow, and that’s on them.

User u/Ctown073 had harsh things to say about both the Universal and Disney Parks and Resorts:

Makes the ride far less unique, and far more generic. Hope it doesn’t happen, but with both Disney and Universal killing the studios theme for the past decade or so, I can definitely see it being true.

Brendan Fraser Mummy
Credit: Universal

This debate comes after the rumor that Brendan Fraiser’s iconic “coffee” line might get cut from the ride as well, with many fans voicing their concerns on that as well. While we know that the refurbihsment will uograde a few control systems for the ride, we are unsure what else could be changed (we hope not much!).

Credit: Universal

Revenge of the Mummy can be found at Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Studios Orlando and Universal Studios Singapore. More on Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios Orlando:

Plunge High Speed into Total Darkness.

Digging your nails into the safety rail, you’ll hold on tight as you rush forwards and back on the track, fleeing from the evil Mummy Imhotep. Just as it seems you might’ve escaped, you’ll plunge straight down into a pitch-black abyss with no end in sight. Will you ever see daylight again? Or will you remain sealed inside this tomb forever?

How do you feel about Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Orlando? Do you hope it changes or stays the same? Let us know in the comments below!

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