Guests Left Disgusted After Viewing Animal Cruelty at California Theme Park

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Knott's Berry Farm

Credit: Knott's Berry Farm

It seems that the Guests of Knott’s Berry Farm are quite concerned for some of the adorable creatures that have been on display for Guests.

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Credit: Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm is one of the most popular theme parks in California. Located minutes from Disneyland Park, Knott’s tends to see a lot of theme park lovers who are in the area. It also allows the theme park to have a more tourist Guest count as the proximity to Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure allows Disney Guests the option to visit a different theme park without traveling far.

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Interestingly enough, Walt Disney was actually great friends with Walter Knott, the creator of Knott’s Berry Farm. Disney took a lot of Knott’s influence with him when building Disneyland and had a lot of help from his theme park neighbor. In the 1990’s Disney even tried to purchase the theme park, but the sale never came to fruition. Now, the Park still remains highly successful under the Cedar Fair ownership.

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During the Halloween season, Guests viewed the Creepy Critters of Calico show which left many Guests upset as they questioned the way the Park would treat their animals. Even now, fans of the theme park are still writhing from the video footage that was captured of the “critters.”

A Reddit user posted a video of the chameleon from the Critter Show, and the comments are flooded in shock.

Chameleon at knotts berry farm , “critter show”. Concerning ??

Chameleon at knotts berry farm , “critter show”. Concerning ?? from Chameleons

Just a few days ago, 69sullyboy69 commented:

Is that a veiled with an extremely burnt casque? That enclosure is also abysmal. So sad.

GamePlayXtreme was horrified by what they saw.

Wtf Cedar Fair. This is horrible.

HennyLaBank has even written to Cedar Fair about the treatment of their animals.

I wrote to Knott’s twice with no reply, reported to HSUS and ASPCA. I’m sick about this poor Cham.

Nighthawk0913 wants to see the reptile taken away from the Park and put under proper care.

Oh that poor thing. How can someone even let it get so bad. Someone needs to take that chameleon away from whoever had it and get it some care asap

Nurse2bsoon commented:

This is horrible and considered animal cruelty due to neglect (even if they say the animal is healthy). Remember you can report them in your state. Don’t worry about having to prove it, that’s not considered your responsibility- law enforcement will investigate. You can do so by getting in contact your local animal services agency, humane society or even directly with local police. If they are treating this poor creature like this, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that there are other acts of cruelty going on.

Knott's Berry Farm
Credit: Knott’s Berry Farm

Some Guests attempted to give Knott’s the benefit of the doubt and thought perhaps the chameleon looked that way due to being a rescue, and Knott’s was healing the reptile, but it was noted in the threat thread that someone spoke with employees of the Park who noted that it was not a rescue. The employees just noted that the reptile “was not feeling well today,” which shocked many readers as  the casque is is gone. Knott’s hires a third party for this exhibit, and the animals are not under Knott’s care.

One thing is for sure, if this little friend found the town of Corona, Rapunzel would definitely want to take Pascal 2.0 under her care!

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It seems that the chameleon was likely kept in Ghost Town Livery Barn in Old MacDonald’s Farm. The mistreatment of animals at theme parks has been a big conversation, with massive parks such as SeaWorld taking a big hit. At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we can see that the company is doing its best to showcase how the Park acts as a conservation effort. 

What do you think of the animal treatment at Knott’s Berry Farm? Let us know in the comments below.

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in Knott's Berry Farm

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