Fans Say Disney’s “Show” Is Going Downhill, Express Disappointment

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We recently reported that is seems Disney isn’t giving DINOSAUR much attention as the iconic statue out front is looking a bit dismal. This has sparked a conversation amongst Disney fans, stating that it seems the “show” aspect of things is not a top priority at Walt Disney World anymore.

In fact, many feel that the presentation and attention to detail at the Parks is going downhill.

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Many are taking to our recent article to share their disappointment in the Parks, specifically when it comes to “show” and attention to detail. We have already reported on overflowing trash at the Disney Parks, and now Guests are noticing a lack in “show” in other areas as well.

Inside the Magic Facebook follower Suzanne N. recently commented on our article, writing:

I know I’ll catch crap for this but when we went in July I noticed the theme of general disrepair all over. Yes I know WDW properties are colossal but they were never like this. Proper sized crews tended to broken lamps, peeling paint, overflowing garbage cans before now. Under the guise of the pandemic and laying off so dang many employees (many of whom still aren’t back) you can see the toll that takes. Abigail Disney has a big mouth but she isn’t wrong in her latest war of words. We work hard to go to Disney and expect high quality because that’s what they were known for. It’s fading but it’s not too late to fix things. Sadly, I feel Chapek is just too stubborn to listen to what we are all saying.

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And Scott C. commented his disappointment, writing:

They had a year of shut down to fix things and paint things. Smh

Inside the Magic reader Tracey N. shared that she noticed things going downhill, writing:

The Disney I knew and loved would never have let this happen. It would have been painted like new whether they were keeping it for the next 20 years or 20 minutes. It is, or was, part of the Disney magic that we pay for.

Another Disney fan, Carl H., chimed in by suggesting Disney start repairing things like this offstage and not in front of Guests:

If they are repairing the dinosaurs, then why not wall it off so it’s not visible to Guests. Poor show.

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Credit: Inside the Magic

Other readers were quick to blame Disney CEO Bob Chapek, as many feel Chapek has not been taking the company in the right direction ever since he became CEO in early 2020. Recently, Chapek said one of Disney’s missions in 2022 is a “relentless focus on our audience,” which several Disney fans did not appreciate. In fact, it angered them as they said that is not Chapek’s goal.

Have you visited the Disney Parks lately? Have you noticed a lack in “show” or attention to detail? Let us know in the comments below.

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