Disney Fans Create WORST Retheme Ideas For Park Attractions

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Usually, when Disney announces a new attraction, whether it be a refurbishment that will significantly alter an existing attraction, or a new attraction altogether, Disney Guests are often ecstatic to see the changes. But what ride would Disney need to create to have their fandom feeling a little uneasy.

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On Reddit, a bunch of Disney fans came together after LoneWanderer2277 posted an interesting and hilarious question. The Disney fan asked others what would be the worst idea for an attraction retheme, and some of the answers were pretty interesting!

Does anyone have any deliberately terrible/funny ride re-theme ideas?

Mine would be an Encanto ride, re-theming the Haunted Mansion to the house from the film, including painting the outside to be as colourful as possible. Encanto is a great film but this would turn WDW fans (including me) into an angry mob!

Terrible ride retheme ideas from WaltDisneyWorld

Aristophan has a new plan for the infamous carousel.

Prince Charming Regal Carousel re-themed to Finding Nemo. It would clash so terribly with Fantasyland and I like that, in the grand scale of IP-relatedness, PCRC is maybe a 3 on a scale of 10, so this is a MEGA IP-ification.

Flight of Passage rethemed to riding on Pegasus’ back but all of Pandora stays exactly how it is.

Edited to add one to make myself sad: total Space Mountain retheme to the movie Tomorrowland.

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MartinTidy had a retheme for Winnie the Pooh attractions all over the Disney Parks that tie Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge into Fantasyland.

Winnie the Pooh: Snugglin’s Fun

Many have thought of rethemes for Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, and now 4L3X95 has another idea!

Re-theme Rock N Rollercoaster to Cars. Kachow!

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Nole1998 has a way to bring Marvel into Magic Kingdom. This cannot happen due to licensing agreements with Universal Orlando Resort, but it is a interesting (and in my opinion, horrible) idea!

Re-theming the Carousel of Progress into a WandaVision ride

The Accountant rethemed all of Animal Kingdom!

Animal Kingdom has become Frozen Land. The Yeti on Expedition Everest? A terrifying Olaf who just found out what happens to snow in summer as “some people are worth melting for” demonically plays in the background. Kali River Rapids is now ice cold water all the time as you cosplay Anna dying and her hair going white. Tough to be a Bug is those little fairy whisp things rolling under your rear end as you sit through some of the less memorable songs from Frozen II. And finally, an exclusive SNEAK PEAK at Frozen the Third by riding Kilimanjaro Safaris which has somehow been rethemed to Frozen but they’re in Africa since their kingdom was overrun by global warming, as you’re now being pulled by Sven.

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Joe Rhode, you have my cell to discuss the rest. /s

Tears Don’t Fall has the most terrifying option available:

Tear down Cinderella’s Castle and put a giant Starbucks in the center of the park!

There are a ton of other options available when it comes to Disney fans coming out with these outlandish ideas, and if you want to add to the pile, take a look at the Reddit thread we linked above!

Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom
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The next massive retheme that Guests are expecting to see is on Splash Mountain. Last summer, Disney Parks officially announced the Disneyland Park and Magic Kingdom Park attraction Splash Mountain, which is based on the Song of the South IP, would be rethemed as part of Disney’s efforts to bring more diverse representation to the theme parks and remove offensive themes. The announcement came over a year ago and was met with a variety of responses from Disney fans. Some were very excited and happy to see that The Princess and the Frog (2009), not only an excellent film, but a film that stars a Black princess, would replace the attraction. While others who found Splash Mountain as classic and iconic went as far as to petition to have the ride remain as-is.

What would be your worst retheme be at a Disney Park?

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