Mickey Mouse Dog Fed Lollipop By Potential Stranger While Stuck in Tote Bag

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All Images Credit: hepgul5 (@hepgul5)

Have you ever seen a dog lick a lollipop? What about a dog dressed as Mickey Mouse sticking out of a tote bag? Well, if this is a sight you are now intrigued to see, we can help you scratch that itch!

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Dressing up dogs as our favorite Disney characters is something that many of us Disney tend to do quite often. Whether you head to the pet selections available on shopDisney or the Emporium on Main Street, U.S.A. at Magic Kingdom, there are a lot of Disney products that Guests and fans can purchase to put on their dog. During Halloween, we tend to see the dressing up of pets increase dramatically as well, but we often to not get to see a tote bag pose as the actual costume for the pet!

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Instagram user hepgul5 (@hepgul5) recently posted a Reel to Instagram. In the video, we can see that one person takes a lollipop out of their mouth and feeds it to a dog’s face, which is popping out of the Mickey Mouse tote bag. The dog’s head perfectly fits where Mickey’s would go, and clearly, we can see this puppy loves sweets.

Credit: hepgul5 (@hepgul5)

To check out the full video, click here. 

Credit: hepgul5 (@hepgul5)

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Luckily for all of us watching, the person with the lollipop does not place it back in their mouth after having the dog lick it, as many in the comments were worried that they would! It seems likely that the person with the lollipop would know the dog owner, as feeding a stranger’s dog a lollipop is not an action that we suggest you practice. That being said, the video is being filmed in such a way that it makes it seem that the two do not know each other.

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Credit: hepgul5 (@hepgul5)

Although this video was not shot in Disney World or any of the other Parks, the excitement alluded from the Mickey Mouse bounding dog makes us feel like that lollipop evokes the same reaction that a Mickey Premium Bar does when walking through Fantasyland!

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