Disney Animatronics Get STUCK in Grand Finale “Fail”

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American Adventure Fail

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Guests were in for quite an “adventure” when an attraction malfunctioned last month.

The amount of rides and attractions at Walt Disney World as well as the international Parks is overwhelming, to say the least. Within Disney World’s four Parks, there are so many fun, thrilling and enjoyable experiences that Guests can choose from. And with so many rides and attractions, there’s bound to be an issue or two once in a while. A few weeks ago, Guests experienced a rather lackluster grand finale to EPCOT’s American Adventure when both animatronics failed to move and remained stationary as the curtains closed and the show ended.

American Adventure EPCOT
Credit: Disney

Twitter user Aaron Wolf (@The AaronWolf) posted a video that shows the two main characters of the show, Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain, remaining motionless as the show comes to a conclusion in what could only be described as a strange, almost creepy grand finale. Take a look here:

Massive #Disney Fail! The big climax of the American Adventure at Epcot Center and Ben (I call him Ben) Franklin and Mark Twain are both dead and motionless…

This attraction can be found at the American Pavilion in EPCOT’s World Showcase, and when it is working as intended, The American Adventure is an incredible tour through American history guided by two historical figures. Disney describes the attraction as a:

Dramatic production featuring 35 Audio-Animatronics figures, digital rear-projection images on a 72-foot screen and stirring patriotic songs, you’ll watch firsthand as America’s story unfolds.

Take your seat in a stately Colonial theater and meet Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain—your guides on this trip through time.

Witness landmark events like landing of the Mayflower, the Boston Tea Party, the winter at Valley Forge, the penning of the Declaration of Independence, the Civil War and the Great Depression.

You’ll even encounter luminaries like Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglass, Thomas Jefferson, Chief Joseph and Teddy Roosevelt, among others.

What do you think of this attraction failure? What was the weirdest experience you’ve ever had at a Disney attraction?

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