VIDEO: Guest Caught Climbing on Structure at Theme Park

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It seems that these days, more and more theme park goers are doing extreme stunts for their social media platforms, some of which are not permitted at the theme parks. For example, we have seen a Guest jump out of a moving boat at Living With the Land to “steal a cucumber” as well as other Guests go viral for “inappropriate attire”.

Well, it seems that despite these “stunts” not being allowed inside the Parks, it is not stopping others from trying to get away with it. Just this afternoon, another Guest was performing a stunt at what looks to be Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Again, we want to be very clear that these behaviors are not permitted in the Parks and Guests may be removed from the property.

Christmas at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
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It all started when Patrick Dougall Tweeted a video of a Guest climbing on a rock structure this afternoon, saying:



Which is bringing in a ton of comments from other theme park goers, expressing their anger at how many are trying too hard to become “TikTok famous”.

Kevin Simone replied to the original video, saying:

you know later on she’s going to go onto social media and talk about how poorly she was treated and how disrespectful it was that she got banned

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And Alex said:

“gOt TO bE tiK tOK FAmOuS!”

Priscilla on Twitter said something similar, writing:

Need to get that Instagram pic

Another Twitter user asked where this was, to which Michael the Gray Tweeted that it looks like Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando:

It looks like mythos at IOA

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Again, we want to be very clear that this kind of behavior is not allowed at the theme parks as it is dangerous to the Guest, as well as those surrounding them.

If you are planning on visiting Universal Orlando Resort, always be sure to follow their rules and regulations and respect the Team Members who are enforcing them. If you choose not to do so, you may be removed from the Park or have further and more severe consequences. To read on the theme park’s policies, click here.

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