“Entitled Sister” Demands Kids Go on Disney Trip Despite It Being Surprise Proposal

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The Disney Parks are one of the most popular places for marriage proposals around the world. However, one proposal is getting a bit of attention as Reddit users are angered over a recent post.

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It all started when Reddit user u/throwingstars03r5 posted to the social media platform to explain her situation. The user was planning a trip to Disneyland Paris along with their girlfriend to surprise her with a marriage proposal. Neither of them have ever been to Disneyland Paris, so this trip was looking to be a very special one. However, the Reddit user went on to explain how their sister knew about the planned proposal, but once she found out where it would take place, she didn’t “approve”.

Per the Reddit post:

My sister knows i’m proposing as she helped me pick out the Ring and she was very supportive until she found out where I was planning to propose, she doesn’t approve of it as we’re not kids and has stated that as we’re not Children it’s “weird” and how if I wanted to go there I should take her kids who are 10 and 6, I love my Niece and Nephew but this is a special trip for me and my Girlfriend.

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The Reddit user went on to explain how the sister then went on to tell her kids that her family was going to Disney without them, obviously upsetting the children. This not only upset the Reddit user, but the girlfriend now also feels guilty, not knowing about the proposal aspect of things. Per the Reddit post:

I explained this to my Sister and I thought she understood, but next time I was over seeing her kids they were upset as she had told them about the Disney trip and they couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t take them, I tried to console them but I felt very put on the spot and upset by this, I ended up leaving not long after and my Sister keeps badgering me to take the kids now as they’re so upset.

The Worst part is my Girlfriend is starting to feel guilty and wondering if we should just take the kids with us.

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Comments have come pouring in, all supporting the Reddit user and telling them not to give in. FramedMugshot says:

Stay strong. Your sister is trying to manipulate you and her future demands will only escalate on the future if you give in now.

And surreal-sea commented:

Your sister upset her own children, NOT you.

That is pure emotional manipulation.

She knew you didn’t want to take them and the reason why, yet she still told her kids and continues to try and make you take them.

Ignore them, they will get over it, maybe take them on a nice day out to a theme park at some point, they will be just as happy.

disneyland paris train station
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