Wedding Planner Reveals “Overdone” Disney Proposal Spots

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cinderella castle at Walt Disney World

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For many Disney fans, the idea of being proposed to or proposing at a Disney Park is the ideal scenario. Not only are you in the Most Magical Place on Earth, but almost every backdrop is always picture-perfect, making it the ultimate spot to begin your happily ever after! 

Disney Proposal
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As someone who visits Disney World often, I can say that I will likely see one or more proposals at least once a week. Disney World is a very popular proposal location, and if you want to stand out above the others, there may be some spots you should avoid and others that you should check out.

Before we dive in, let me just preface that wherever you want to propose at Disney World will, of course, be a magical and perfect memory — even if it is a location that is commonly used. Because it may be a popular proposal spot for many, but it will be the one time you and your partner get to experience it, which makes it unique to you! 

Kelly Proposal Haunted Mansion
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A former wedding planner broke down all of the best Disney proposal locations regarding what has been “overdone” and what spots are a little less used while still being a perfect spot to propose. Rebecca Martens actually helped Guests propose at Disney World, so it seems she is the expert in this department. Below are some of the more overdone spots, as noted by Martens.

  • Main Street, U.S.A. – Magic Kingdom
  • Cinderella Castle – Magic Kingdom
  • Cinderella wishing well – Magic Kingdom
  • Tree of Life – Animal Kingdom
characters and cast members on main street usa at disney world
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Rebecca said that main photo spots when you enter a theme park are popular for their backdrop but are common and can be hard to capture an intimate photo as the areas are highly populated.

Below is a list of where Rebecca would suggest couples get engaged if they want something different without too much crowding.

  • World Showcase pavilions – EPCOT

“You can have the Eiffel Tower in the background of your proposal photo, and you don’t have to be in Paris,” Martens said. “If you’re from Germany or Japan or the UK and want to propose in and your hometown, you can do that at Disney without having to travel abroad.”

  • Trails between lands – Magic Kingdom

“There’s lots of trees, shade, and nice quiet areas that are tucked into the park that I think people don’t always pay attention to”

Mickey EPCOT
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Rebecca said that Guests who look to propose at Disney should embrace the crowds, as they will surely be there no matter what! Personally, I may not be a wedding planner, but as someone who loves Disney World, I think that Disney Resorts are also a great place to propose, and they will definitely be less crowded! My top picks would be Disney’s Polynesian Resort on the beach before fireworks or Disney’s BoardWalk Resort.

walt disney world boardwalk at night
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As long as the location feels special and right for you, then you know you picked the right spot!

Where would you want to propose or be proposed to at Disney World? 

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