Former ABC Producer Seeks Dismissal of Sexual Assault Lawsuit

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Back in August, ABC was hit with a bomb when The Wall Street Journal broke a story where former ABC News employee Kirstyn Crawford filed a lawsuit in which she accused former Good Morning America executive producer Michael Corn of sexually assaulting her on a 2015 business trip. Corn had left ABC back in April 2021, which had surprised many people working at the news giant, who were unaware of the allegations against him.

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Crawford filed a sexual assault lawsuit against Corn, and then later amended the lawsuit to claim that ABC and Disney — ABC’s parent company — punished Crawford when she spoke out and did not give her the raise she was expecting. ABC News employees were reportedly livid with Disney and said that the company was not addressing the issue and was ignoring employees when they complained about the constant drama that was happening at the network.

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Now, in a new twist to the legal drama, it is being reported that Michael Corn is requesting that the lawsuit filed against him by Crawford be dismissed. According to a report from Variety

The former top producer of ABC’s “Good Morning America” has asked that a sexual-assault lawsuit filed against him be dismissed, citing New York’s statute of limitations on harassment claims and alleging the plaintiff in the case has fabricated claims against him.

In Friday’s filing, also made in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Corn’s attorney argues that Crawford’s claims about a 2015 incident in which Corn is alleged to have assaulted Crawford during a trip to Los Angeles to cover the Academy Awards cannot be brought before the court. The filing notes any incident that took place more than three years ago is “indisputably time-barred” under statute of limitations laws and alleges details of the matter were fabricated.

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ABC has been struggling with how to deal with these disturbing allegations since they were revealed in August — and many feel that the company has not been doing a good enough job. Reports indicate that Crawford informed Good Morning America host George Stephanopoulos of what happened back in 2017, and he encouraged her to talk to the legal department, but Crawford never followed up, claiming she feared retribution.

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Sources have also claimed that Kim Goodwin, who became President of ABC News also back in April, said that the claims made by Goodwin would be looked into by an independent investigator. However, ABC spokesman Peter Rice later stated that no investigation would be taking place.

Since Mr. Corn’s attorney just filed papers to have the lawsuit dismissed on Friday, October 22, there is no judgment in the matter. It is unknown how long it will take for a judge to review the request and make a final decision.

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