Incredible Test Footage Has Fans Begging For Robin Williams Biopic

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Jamie Costa Robin Williams

Credit: (Left) Jamie Costa/(Right) Hollywood Reporter

There are few actors who had a bigger impact on the worlds of comedy and acting than legend Robin Williams. From his incredible stand-up routines to his memorable roles in films such as Mrs. DoubtfireGood Morning Vietnam, and Aladdin, there are few hearts that the iconic actor did not touch. Sadly, Williams passed away in 2014 after suffering from the devastating effects of Lewy Body Dementia for years.

robin williams as mrs doubtfire with children
Credit: 20th Century Studios

It is hard to think that anyone would ever be able to capture the magic that was Robin Williams and be able to portray the icon in any type of meaningful way, but then Jamie Costa came along. The actor recently released test footage for ROBIN — a film that does not yet exist, but Costa has proven that it should.

Jamie Costa Robin Williams
Credit: Jamie Costa

Costa and his team decided to create the scene where Robin Williams learns about the death of his close friend John Belushi — who Williams had been with the night before he died. Williams is in the middle of working on his hit show Mork & Mindy and decides that he must continue to film, channeling his pain into his comedy as his life takes a devastating blow.

You can watch the absolutely mind-blowing footage below.

Costa so perfectly captured the essence of Robin Williams that fans took to social media to declare that a biopic needed to be made and Costa needed to be its star.

Twitter user ErinNoelMe said that she actually cried watching the test footage.

There’s impersonation and then there’s channeling. #jamiecosta made me choke up hard within seconds. He brought Robin back. Please make this a full length.

Hunter Gwin (@thehuntergwin) tweeted what many were feeling — that a major studio needs to take note and make this test footage into an actual film.

Jamie Costa would absolutely kill it as Robin Williams in a biopic. He was born to play this role. I seriously hope this gets picked up and greenlit by a major studio. #RobinWilliams #JamieCosta

Jesse Swimm (@jswimm1) was equally stunned and believes that Robin Williams would truly be proud if he saw Costa’s performance.

I am at a loss for words how truly beautiful, captivating, and inspiring this is. I have been a fan of #JamieCosta for years and this newest work of art from him is nothing short of perfection. I would like to think Robin would be proud.

It is important to remember that this footage is currently all that exists and no Robin Williams biopic is in the works at any major studio at this time — or at least no biopic has been announced.

robin williams in flubber
Credit: Disney

Jamie Costa may be known to both Star Wars fans for his work as Walter in Star Wars: Origins and as Obi-Wan Kenobi in Once Upon a Theory and Kenobi: A Star Wars Story. Costa has also worked for Marvel as Herman Schultz/Shocker in Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man and the Monsters of Manhattan.

What did you think of Jamie Costa’s portrayal of Robin Williams? Let us know in the comments!

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