Comments for Incredible Test Footage Has Fans Begging For Robin Williams Biopic

Jamie Costa Robin Williams

Credit: (Left) Jamie Costa/(Right) Hollywood Reporter


  1. EricJ

    Much as I hated Richard Pryor’s unnecessary self-confessional autobio-pic, and Jim Carrey’s Andy Kaufman, this is pretty darn good:
    Robin, and his idealistically out-there search for Reality, the Concept, would make a good picture, and Costa nails it.

    But who could they cast as Jonathan Winters? Tom Wilkinson would be too old by now.

    1. Lisa L Miller

      I would love to see this biopic made! Watching this scene was so close to watching Robin its uncanny. I think Robin would be honored for Jamie Costa to get this role and play him . I would definitely watch this movie.

  2. Charlie Golf

    I hope this does become a full bio pic and maybe we’ll see Jamie’s name alongside our hero in the Best Actor Oscar winner!

  3. Bababooey

    I think you should learn how to spell Obi-Wan if you’re going to report on mouse properties. Journalism 101.

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