Guest Removed From Disney World After Spitting on Others in Line

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When you go to Disney World, it is important to remember that it is not only your ongoing vacation but also the vacation of thousands around you. So, any action you do or decision you make has the ability to impact any other Guest in your area.

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Typically, we have heard stories of not only Cast Members creating magic moments for Guests but other Guests stepping in as well to make someone else’s day special. Whether that is having your Starbucks paid for you while you are in line or even another Guest offering to take your photo in front of Cinderella Castle, we have the ability to make someone else’s good day a great one.

That being said, we also have the ability to make someone else’s day much worse. Inside the Magic recently spoke with Kelsey S., who was vacationing at Disney World from Buffalo, NY. Kelsey was with her husband and two kids, one of which who had recently broken their knee. Because of this, the family tended to walk a little slower, which did not seem to be a problem until they entered the queue of one attraction.

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It seemed that the Pirates of the Caribbean queue was a walk-on as fireworks were quickly approaching, so Kelsey and her family decided to hop aboard the ship before heading to Main Street, U.S.A., as they were ok with catching the fireworks from the back of the street. While in line, it seemed another Guest was attempting to pass them as they were walking towards the attraction boats but was frustrated that the family was traveling at a slower pace.

Pirates of the Caribbean
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Kelsey noted that she was not traveling incredibly slow by any means but that the Guest told Kelsey that they should speed up or get out of line. Kelsey decided to ignore the angry Guest but was then moved to the side as the Guest pushed through, lowered his mask, and spit on her hair. He then was able to board a boat before they could arrive to the loading platform.

After getting over the shock that someone would not only spit on her in line but do so during a pandemic, Kelsey saw the Guest at the exit and alerted a Cast Member. Kelsey was unsure how serious of a consequence the Guest faced but noted that she was told he was being removed from the Park.

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If you visit the Walt Disney World Resort, please be sure to follow the rules and regulations that are set in place and do not cause harm to any other Guest. Failure to do so could have you removed or potentially banned from the Parks for life, as we have seen in the past.  For a complete set of all the rules and regulations at Disney World specifically, click here for the official details. 

Have you ever had an unfortunate Guest experience at Disney World?


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