Disney Genie+ Service Launched, But Plagued By Troubles

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The launch of Disney’s Genie+ service today has been plagued by problems early on. From sold-out attractions to failed loading screens, Disney Guests both on and off property have been encountering snare and unexpected complications this morning as they attempt to use the new planning service.

Genie+ Service’s Start Plagued By Troubles

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Disney Guests both on and off property awoke early Tuesday morning to update their My Disney Experience App to coincide with the release of Disney’s new Genie+ Service, an initially complimentary planning app that will guide you around the Disney theme park.

But these Disney fans found that typical Disney IT problems were plaguing the system. Some were not able to update their app, or found it incredibly sluggish to download, while others were not able to see their Park Pass Reservations or even get to the purchase screen.

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Disney Genie (and Disney Genie+) has been touted as a personal navigation service inside the Disney Parks. Featuring the ultimate Disney AI and a whole host of intuitive technology, Disney Genie will allow you to optimize your time AND your fun in Disney Parks. Disney Genie puts Guests at the center of the experience by prioritizing ways to:

• Reduce time in lines while keeping in mind your top picks
• Pace your day with experiences you’ll enjoy – and haven’t already done yet
• Build around your existing plans like dining reservations and Park Hopper preferences
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Those Guests trying right at 7 a.m. to begin selecting Lightning Lane choices using the purchase Genie+ service found many selections were already sold out for much of the day, or finally were able to see premium Lightning Lane purchase amounts. Those looking to add Genie+ to a future trip as they streamlined planning were frustrated. They were unable to do so without entering the lengthy Disney phone queue and had no app option.

The Unofficial Guides on Twitter securely downloaded and applied their app, but were a bit dismayed to see that Slinky Dog selections were already taken up until 3 p.m. that day (this is not a premium option). If Genie+ does, in fact, work like MaxPass, choosing that 3 p.m. slot would render you waiting to redeem that pass to choose another “free” selection.

Likewise, Twitter user Disney Glimpses noticed that the paid premium access for Magic Kingdom’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was sold out until 1 p.m., only 45 minutes after the service was open for business. Would inventory continue to shrink? Will the off-property Guests take the remainder of the inventory, or would evening purchases be available for last-minute pick-ups?

And even if you wanted to select a “less popular” choice of a “FastPass“, it seems like some of those were not available first thing this morning. Twitter user Wishful Thinking was staying off property, and like many of the Disney visitors at their Resort, they had to wait until 9 a.m. to start choosing Lightning Lane selections.

Attraction choices and overwhelming learning curve aside, when the app and Genie+ service loaded for Disney fan Craig, he found that Disney IT forgot to edit portions of the app, leaving a legal disclaimer with Latin filler text found in most templates. We found this gave us a giggle.

It will be interesting to see if Standby line wait times remain low as the paid FastPass service finally debuts, or if the demand for Genie+ increases and shoves those in the Standby lanes aside for premium riders.

Did you have trouble upgrading or using Disney Genie+ this morning, or did you find success? Leave us a comment below!

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