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disney genie

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  1. CDinID

    Any news for Disneyland?? They ought to be about the same time, right?

  2. EM

    Not paying for Disney Genie+. It costs enough already to go to the parks with Magic Express going away, paying for parking at the resorts and the cost of a rental car. We’ll try the standby lines and if they become too long we’ll take our vacations somewhere else.

  3. Stephanie Pena

    Is this only available if you stay at a Disney resort?

  4. Jack Hart

    $15 per day, that’s pocket change at WDW! You fools that say you won’t pay or you’ll go somewhere else…are the same ones that would drop $25 for a souvenir popcorn bucket!

    1. Eric M

      I don’t pay for popcorn buckets and I am going somewhere else

      Stop drinking the Kool-Aid

    2. Jane

      $15 is per person! Big difference if you are taking your family !!!

    3. William breen

      Fools? Pretty condescending aren’t you?

    4. Nmdsny

      $15 dollars a day times a family of 6 plus double that if you want any good rides because the ride charge is not included. Plus no more magic Express on a 5 day trip that’s at least another $1000!!!!! That’s rediculous. We have made 3 one week + Disney trips as our kids have been growing but sadly when they do this kind of stuff it makes the already redicoulusly high prices good for nothing and unobtainable for most!

    5. Nmdsny

      Maybey you should read the details it’s per person and at least that much extra per ride if you want to ride any of the good rides!

    6. Dawn


    7. Mike

      At over 100 dollars a day for admission and 25 dollars a day for parking it’s clear Disney doesn’t need or want my business I will go elsewhere

  5. Eric M

    “Disney’s highly anticipated Disney Genie service finally has a release date. ”

    Dread is not the same as anticipation.

  6. Mary

    No. I am not paying extra. I can’t afford it with all the other expenses. In fact my Nov planned vacation might be my last at Disney
    There are other options and I think Disney is getting greedy. Genie+ should be value added

  7. Ed Marks

    Disney will regret this paid Paid Lightning Lanes & Genie+. They are going to lose business & upset people. I had a great Fast Pass+ system worked out to do everything that I wanted to do over several days. Disney getting rid of free Fast Pass+, Disney’s Magical Express, & Extra Magic Hours will push more people to the parks of their far distant competitor Universal. This is not about guest experiences anymore, now it is only about making extra $ & that is wrong. I don’t like Universal, but they will definitely benefit from Disney’s mistakes.

    1. Htk

      I see you haven’t been to either set of parks in a long time. Universal currently has 4 parking tiers, at one point they had 6. They have two tiers of express passes, when added to a two park one day option can cost over $550 per day per person in high season. And this has been going on since 2011 (albeit the ticket would have cost around $360 back then). The express pass in no way helps with rides that don’t use the express pass system, and it in no way helps getting to the lockers or retrieving your items from the lockers as universal forces you to use on many attractions.

    2. Dawn

      I don’t think so, 15 is nothing! Your going to Disney… you will pay that for a lunch so why not buy something to enhance your experience

  8. Mike

    Please, no one buy this so it just goes away.

    1. Dawn

      I’m buying! Sorry!!! 🙁

      1. This Is a Good Thing

        No reason to be sorry. We’re going to use it, too, unapologetically, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Along with the occasional a la carte selections.

      2. jo

        I buying to. I can’t stand in line for over an hour with a 6 yr. old active boy. Thats all I am using it for. I have my days planned out already. Show times and cavalcade times are online. Not a phone guru so just having to figure out the rides is going to suck rocks.

  9. Jennifer Schenk

    Please someone correct me if I’m wrong, but did the article say that Genie + comes with PhotoPass downloads? So that means in theory it’s $15 a day for lightning lane AND photos??? For a party of 2, that’s actually a deal on short trips given that PhotoPass alone is $139. If I’m reading that right.

    1. Jane

      I haven’t seen anything about photo pass being included. I can’t see Disney giving up another cash cow that cheaply

    2. Beth

      DL Maxpass included photo pass, Genie+ recreates this. WDW gets AR lenses (whatever those are). I would jump on it in a second if it included photo pass at WDW!

  10. THX1138

    Stand in line, wait you’re turn!
    Pass it on.

    1. Everybody Still Stands In A Line

      We’ll wait our turn in the Lightening Lane. ☺️

  11. JW

    This is supposed to be good news? Give me the 3 free fast passes, free resort parking, magical express, free magic bands, etc, back. THAT would be good news and highly anticipated.

    1. Melody Love


  12. Phoebe L Ho

    Absolutely, definitely NOT.

  13. Phoebie

    So..The Genie+ option will also include an audio experience and unlimited Disney PhotoPass downloads. Will that Photo Pass just apply to the Genie+ ride OR to my whole Disney vacation?

    We are coming in October. After Genie+ begins….not sure if I should cancel the cost of photopass…

    1. Jennifer Schenk

      I know. We need to find out what exactly Unlimited photo pass means. Because if it’s truly Unlimited and not just the ride, this is not a bad deal. Wonder how we can get this clarified.

    2. PhotosNotIncluded

      PhotoPass is only included for Disneyland’s Genie+, not WDW’s. I tried to post the WDW website, but it wouldn’t allow it.

  14. Melody Love

    i am very disappointed. i do not know how they expect this to be family friendly with that extra pricing. i really do not know a whole lot of people that can afford that. I understand some of the prices going up but it will probably be my last annual pass for me and my granddaughter since we live over the border and our prices jumped almost 300.00 each and no photopass . very sad about this . you are hurting us regular joes.

  15. Lee

    At least some of the universal upscale resorts give free fast pass for their guests. As Florida residents very close to wdw we do not intend to pay extra. We may reconsider our stays at the very expensive wdw resorts as there are many other upscale resorts to choose from.

  16. BC

    This is where we need to say no. I’m just going to wait in line.

  17. Jenn

    One time only, for my mom’s special (and likely last) trip since 1985. I want her to get to everything- but after that, no way.

    1. Steven

      While there is not much good here, I do want to give a shout out to Kyle Pallo who scored an photo byline. He has nothing to do with the Genie+ decisions, he’s just a hard working daily blogger who makes his work count. Congrats Kyle.

  18. Mickeymouse3

    A family of four will spend an additional $420 (usd) for a 7 day visit. Bob Paycheck is betting guests will pay this to avoid lines.
    Sad to say, I think he is right. I also think he needs to go, along with D’Amaro!!!

    1. JW


  19. Arthur Cyphus

    This was going to happen, and I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner. Disney has repeatedly said the parks, especially Magic Kingdom, have been getting more and more crowded. When the demand is so high and the supply can’t keep up, the obvious choice is to increase the price. That’s basic economics. That being said, this is going to put a damper on fun for lots of families. Like some of you said, for families or parties of 5 or more who would be going to the parks for a week or longer, the amount really adds up. We’re going next month and will be paying for the 5 days we’ll be at the parks. I don’t think we’ll be going back for a few years though. It’s just too expensive, and there’s more to see in the world than Disney World.

  20. NL

    Used to go to DisneyWorld often. No more. Way too expensive. Too many changes. No more Magical Express. Now Genie + $$. It’s no longer the Disney Experience I used to know !

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