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disney genie not working


  1. Amy

    Of course stand by line wait times will go up. Really disappointing to see so many people buying into this. I’d really hoped people would use common sense and vote with their pocketbook to stop Disney’s money grab.

  2. dave

    To me what is interesting is that I am still confused by how everything works. As a regular Disney vacationer, I would have thought by now I would understand how it works, but even now as I read more and more articles I am confused more and more… I was thinking this would make things easier and not more confusing… I hate the idea of the timed rush that at X time you start marking selections… Its the same problem I have with Virtual queues. Its all random lottery. What makes this worse is that it is paid…

    I was hoping that they might do more up front vs the day of…. I understand its hard, because you do not want to have everything booked months in advance like with was with FP+. I think that was honestly the downfall of FP+. It is good that you can simply show up and have just about as much of a chance as everyone else (Except onsite guest).

    Is the onsite geolocation based or reservation based? Was wondering if you got to the resort area by 7 if you would still be limited or not…

    1. Daniel

      The way I understand it, it’s like the virtual queue for Rise of Resistance, but you pay a subscription for it and still can’t get on the ride.

    2. No Cheating

      Reservation based

  3. Frank

    Lots of Disney’s IT was moved to India as a cost-saving measure. And for those overseas efforts, sometimes the code is cleaned up after it goes live. That saves a LOT of money. My advice? If you’re going now or soon, then live with it as best you can. If you’re not going now or soon, then wait until Disney server loads decrease. They ARE load-balancing across their servers, but there is a finite limit to how many servers they have and a HUGE amount of users trying the system now. LET’S HOPE that some of the cash generated by GeniePlu$ will 1) buy/rent more servers, 2) make needed repairs to Rise of the Resistance and other rides.

  4. Ed Marks

    The writing’s on the wall for the failure of the genie plus and lightning Lane system. In a few years free fastpasses will come back again and we won’t have to mess with this ridiculous paid ride system. Guess pay enough as it is to go to Disney they shouldn’t have to pay per ride and other extra fees such as that.

    1. Brenda Parks

      We can only hope.

    2. Nick

      Free FP, as we knew it, will never come back.
      Disney had determined, through customer feedback, that guests were willing to pay for a FP type system. Anyone who answered those surveys in that manner, and that was the overwhelming majority, has themselves to blame.

      1. Julian Herring

        Are you sure people actually voted to pay for this service when they were getting it for free before?

        I think not, this is Disney putting a false spin on it I can imagine lies and spoke mirrors to cash grab and they look you straight in the eye and say its what our guests want – What a load of KAKAAaaaa

        1. Julian H

          Smoke and mirrors

        2. Julian H

          Smoke & mirrors

      2. Julian H

        Nick do you honestly believe that people gave feedback that they would rather pay a fast pass system that they were already getting for free…. Really.

        This is just Cash Grabs with a Disney spin on it, “Its what our Customers want” and they will look you straight in the eye while they tell you porkies… What a load of KaKaaaaa

        1. Mae

          As I recall the FastPass+ required the guest to pick three rides as much as 60 days in advance and those rides were spread out across the day in two hour segments. So if there was a FastPass at 9, then next one couldn’t be earlier than Noon because there is an hour window to ride the first FastPass. Also, as you recall, FP sold out for the big rides many, many days in advance. It was hard to get the family to choose rides so many days before the vacation.

          1. monica

            Mae- We chose the next FP+ (or modified our next, pre-selected one) as soon as we tapped through the current FP we were using.

      3. Julian H

        Smoke & Mirrors

  5. StopSpreadingFalseInfo

    You can most definitely add Genie+ to future date-based tickets through the app. I did it first thing this morning.
    It was no secret that Genie+ rides are subject to availability.
    Why are you surprised that Slinky & Seven Dwarfs were so popular given that those were two of the first to go with FP?
    If you get Slinky for 3p at 7a, you do NOT have to wait to redeem it to book another Genie+ selection.

    1. Danielle

      Please explain your statement. You can only have one lightening lane pass at a time so if, at 7pm, you choose to take the 3pm slot for Slinky, you would NOT be able to reserve another lightening lane until after you ride Slinky. The only exception would be the individually charged lightening lanes which are not included in the $15 lightening lane upgrade. Seems you are spreading false info.

      1. Mae

        It’s because the 3PM ride on Slinky is more than 2 hours from the time of booking, 7AM.

      2. Gregg Letts

        @Danielle…this is actually not true. If you book a 3pm ride at 7am, Disney has the “two-hour rule” built into the system, which means you can book another Genie+ ride, but not until after the park has been open for two hours. Example: WDW opens at 9am. You can book another Genie+ at 11am, but not before.

      3. 😊

        Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything about not having to wait. Keeps more things open for those of us that have reading comprehension skills.

      4. You're Wrong

        Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything about not having to wait. Keeps more things open for those of us with reading comprehension skills.

        1. Leslie

          Foolish mortal…😁

  6. Carol

    Unable to even find how to download in the app for an annual passholder with reservations for next week. So frustrating. Get it together Disney.

    1. Buy It Daily

      You can’t pre-purchase it with an AP. You have to buy it every morning that you have a park reservation.

    2. Nick

      Follow your own advice, get it together yourself.
      Read the guide, follow the instructions and you’ll be able use the system.
      You probably won’t like what you find but that’s another matter.

  7. Tim

    People. Just say no save your money and go to places that want you. Chapek doesn’t want you just your money. If everyone voted with their money and spent it else where, Disney would have to change and get customer oriented and innovative again. Until Disney gets back to being a good value for what they charge I am taking my money elsewhere to where they are still customer oriented the new attractions coming dont look any better than Universal or dollywood and actually those parks additions are more immersive and higher quality.

  8. Greed

    Bend over and grab your ankles.

  9. Alan

    So glad my visit ended on the 18th and I was able to miss this cluster

  10. Dzneefan

    Service down? How is this to make your trip fun? If they want us to use our phone for everything under the sun – get the problems worked out before you launch the dumb thing! You don’t do it during the biggest year! In my opinion, they have a bunch of dummies on this board! They make you rely so much on your phones then they can’t provide the service! I really hope they get their “stuff” together! Before I go next November!

  11. Phoebe L Ho

    Retire/cancel this cash grab for a lousy service. Do NOT bring it to California. And if they do, don’t buy it. Even if you are rich enough to stay in an on-property hotel and get priority access. Once again another perk for the undeserving one-percent. This really bites.

    1. Mae

      Purchasing Genie+ or Individual Attractions is NOT a requirement to go to WDW or Disneyland.

  12. Mae

    Every new system is going to have operational issues on Day One no matter how much it is tested. As all WDW veterans know a trip to WDW requires planning. No veteran should be surprised that Slinky is booked until 3PM. So plan the rest of the day around that 3PM window. What’s the alternative? Save the $15 p/p and stand in line. What is the time value of an hour + wait in the Slinky standby line…roughly $10 assuming you plan to be in DHS for the whole 12 hours the park is open. Let’s say its an 8 hour visit…then the value of that hour is $15. If you spend less time in the park, the value of Genie+ just for Slinky is worth it. Some days in some parks Genie+ will not be worth it. But I am all for tools that help avoid standing in line, especially with kids.

  13. Kim

    If you dont want to pay extra you can stand in longer lines. Your choice. As for my family of 20 we are all paying in order to avoid long lines. Shorter lines mean we can do more attractions!

  14. Matthew Brewster

    Lindsey, on the fifth line in your first paragraph you use the word “snare.” What were you trying to type? It helps to PROOFREAD what you write before you hit the Send button!

  15. Amanda

    It has ruined standby waiting. I was waiting for my husband by where the LL and the stand by combine for the Na’vi River. My husband was in the stand by lane. They let LL go first as soon as they walk up. I counted 50 LL then they let 6 people go then 20 more LL. I would say the average was 30 to 6. His line took 85 min. I heard so many people talking about the lightning lane ruining standby. We pay a lot to go to Disney now we need to pay $15 per person per day. The worker told me there was no wait to get a LL pass for the River, even while standby was 85 min

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