Disney Continues to Repair Areas of EPCOT In Need of TLC

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With the Walt Disney World Resort property being the size of San Francisco, it is not a surprise to hear that repairs and changes are constantly occurring at the theme parks. There are acres of land to cover at all four parks, all of which receive wear and tear due to age, weather, and thousands of people exploring the Parks daily.

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As one may imagine, one of the areas that takes the biggest beating at Disney World is the ground. With landscaping and pavement guiding Guests through the parks, many areas tend to look like they need some work done in order to look fresh and new once again.

In the past, we have been reporting on the state of the concrete flooring at Magic Kingdom, and how it is in need of some TLC. Then we saw that Disney was beginning to patch up areas in EPCOT that were in desperate need of some sealant. Now, it seems that the EPCOT floor refurbishment is continuing.

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Bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) has been posting updates on the flooring at the Disney Parks so that we can see what changes are being made. Most recently, it seems another area of the World Showcase has been touched up.

There could be a blog on just pavement changes at Walt Disney World. Seems like there is always a redo somewhere. New sections this area between EPCOT France and Morocco pavilions seem to be getting a sealant.

It seems that there is now a trend ongoing at EPCOT where we are seeing different areas of the Park patched up, so it will not be too surprised if there are many more updates to come. With the 50th anniversary underway, these minor touch-ups will help Guests to not focus on the little things but rather keep their eyes up and looking at the magic that Disney has to offer!

At Magic Kingdom, we have also seen the ground in Tomorrowland undergo a significant transformation; you can read more on that here. 

What areas of Disney World do you think need some touch-ups? Let us know in the comments below. 

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