Yehaa Bob Reveals “Big Restrictions” on Performances as Part of His Return

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We recently shared the amazing news that Bob Jackson, also known as Yehaa Bob, is coming back to Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside as part of the return of live entertainment at Walt Disney World.

But it seems that his treasured show will be heavily modified due to COVID restrictions.

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Today, October 14, Bob returns to the stage at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside, but he has revealed some major changes due to the pandemic. Sing-alongs are currently not allowed.

For those unfamiliar, Bob Jackson, also known as Yehaa Bob, was a Disney World entertainment performer for 23 years. Yehaa Bob played the piano, sang familiar tunes, and brought everyone to their feet in his high-energy and unique show – creating magical memories for Guests young and old.

Sadly, Yehaa Bob was part of the massive layoffs last year due to the ongoing pandemic, and he was unsure if he would return to the Walt Disney Company. This news affected many Disney fans as not long after the layoffs were announced, a petition surfaced, asking Disney to re-hire Yehaa Bob at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside.

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Of course, as we know, Bob is returning to the Resort and performances are resuming starting today. The fun sing-along aspect of his show, however, is temporarily prohibited due to COVID restrictions. Bob revealed in a Facebook post:
I am very grateful to be returning to the stage at Disney tonight but there are some big restrictions on what I can perform. I’ve been instructed not to perform any sing-along music, and not to encourage anyone to sing along. I’m not to get anyone up and moving around the room. These are restrictions due to Covid and masks. Hopefully, these restrictions are only temporary and will be lifted in the near future as we get through the pandemic.
Those of you at home can sing along, but those in the audience at the Port might be disappointed not to hear their old favorites from the show.
As you can imagine, I’ve been scrambling the last day and a half to write another show! Thanks to you and your many requests over the last 17 months, I have plenty of new material to pick from. You’ll still be able to hear your favorites every Sunday night at our weekly sing-along show. Wish me luck tonight, I’m going to need it! We ain’t scared!!!
We’re so happy to see Bob back at Walt Disney World. Let’s hope the changes to his popular show are short-term, and the musical interaction, dancing with complete strangers, and foot-stomping entertainment can return!
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Yehaa Bob performs at the River Roost Lounge on select nights from 8:30 p.m. to midnight. Disney World has changed the website today to include the times for the modified show, and describes this fan-favorite entertainment offering as:

Head over to this cozy club at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside and enjoy boogie-woogie musical stylings and comedy from a local legend. Sing along to Disney standards, songbook classics and kid-friendly ditties.

You may even get called up to participate in the show!

What do you think of the modified entertainment returning at Disney Parks?

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