Toothless Takes Flight in Universal’s New ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Show

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How to Train Your Dragon

Background Image Credit: @bz b on YouTube. Credit to Universal for the Universal Beijing logo.

Universal is inching closer and closer to the grand opening of its newest theme park, Universal Beijing Resort. This unique Universal property is home to attraction and entertainment offerings you will not find at other Universal parks around the world.

One of the unique shows offered at the Universal Beijing Resort is “Untrainable”, based on the ever-popular How to Train Your Dragon franchise.

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Universal Beijing
Credit: Universal

Universal recently announced that the Universal Beijing Resort will grand open on September 20. The Resort has been going through a rigorous soft-opening phase, and on September 1, began what Universal is calling “trail operations”. Universal Beijing Resort suffered a delay in its opening due to the ongoing pandemic.

Now, however, thanks to social media, we are getting to see early glimpses into what the Universal Beijing Resort will have to offer once it officially grand opens to the public. We have already seen a ride through the incredible Jurassic World Adventure attraction in which you are being chased by the Indominus Rex.

As testing has continued inside of the theme park, we now have a first look at the highly-anticipated How to Train Your Dragon show, “Untrainable”.

Jurassic World
Credit: Universal

If you have been following the Universal Beijing Resort news you likely remember Inside the Magic sharing a behind-the-scenes look at the flying Toothless puppet that we theorized would be used for the show.

We shared that back in January and now in September, we get to see Toothless in action! Check out this clip of “Untrainable” that was shared on Youtube by the user, bzb:

How amazing is that!

There is a lot of speculation online that Universal’s new Orlando theme park, Epic Universe will contain a How to Train Your Dragon land. While this has not been confirmed by Universal, it would be awesome to see this show come to Epic Universe.

Even though the Universal Beijing Resort does not have a How to Train Your Dragon land, it is great to see this beloved film franchise get a special show inside the theme park.

Let us know what you think of “Untrainable” in the comments below!

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