Tarzan’s Treehouse Closes For Unscheduled Refurbishment

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Tarzan's Treehouse

Credit: ITM Bailee A.

Typically, the best way for Guests to keep track of what will be open during their visit to the Disneyland Resort is to check the Disneyland website or the Disneyland app. That will provide them with the most up-to-date information about ride closures, entertainment schedules, and more. However, sometimes even the Disneyland website and app leave some things out.

disneyland app
Credit: Disney

Disney is usually very clear about what rides and attractions will be closed for refurbishment and how long they will be closed for. Unfortunately, for Guests who were looking to experience Tarzan’s Treehouse this holiday weekend, it looks like that may be impossible.

Inside the Magic visited Disneyland on September 3 — the kick-off of Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort — and saw Tarzan’s Treehouse completely blocked off with fencing and covered with a tarp.

Tarzan's Treehouse Blocked off
Credit: ITM Bailee A.
Tarzan's Treehouse
Credit: ITM Bailee A.

There were also signs posted outside of the attraction saying that it was closed for the day. However, with all of the coverings around the Treehouse, it is more than possible that Tarzan’s Treehouse will be closed for more than one day.

Tarzan's Treehouse sign
Credit: ITM Bailee A.

What makes the closure a little different is that Disney did not say that the attraction would be closing. In fact, it is still listed as open on both the Disneyland website and the Disneyland app. It is possible that something unexpected happened that forced the immediate closure of the Adventureland attraction.

Tarzan's Treehouse
Credit: Disney Wiki Fandom

For Guests who have not experienced Tarzan’s Treehouse, the attraction takes Guests right into the treehouse made famous at the beginning of the 1999 film. Guests can see where Tarzan lived as a baby before being raised by gorillas.

Your adventure begins as you clamber up a tree stump and cross a rope bridge high in the sky. Overgrown with vines and constructed out of parts salvaged from his tragic shipwreck, the tree house features ingenious inventions and vignettes from Tarzan’s epic life story.

Peruse drawings from Jane’s sketchbook that tell the tale of the young English lord who was marooned in the jungle, orphaned and raised by a tribe of gorillas. The tree’s scientific name is Disneydendron semperflorens grandis or “large ever-blooming Disney tree” and some incredible views await you at the top!

Explore the high life at this airy abode from a bygone time!

Tarzan's Treehouse
Credit: Reddit

Since the attraction was not scheduled for refurbishment, there is no word as to what work is being done to the Treehouse or how long it will remain closed.

Do you love experiencing Tarzan’s Treehouse while visiting Disneyland Resort? Let us know in the comments!

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