McDonald’s Debuts Disney 50th Toys, But Some Received Something Else

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McDonald’s previously announced they are teaming up with Disney and are releasing 50 limited-edition toys to celebrate 50 years of magic at Walt Disney World.

And starting today, for a limited time, those Disney World 50th toys officially debuted. Many Disney fans are flocking to their local McDonald’s in an attempt to purchase a Happy Meal and see which themed toy they received. However, some were in for a rude awakening when they opened up that bright red box and found something else.

Disney World McDonalds toys
Credit: McDonald’s

Suzy Sox Fan took to Twitter to share their frustrations as they shared they received a generic Happy Meal toy despite the Disney World 50th toys being on display:

When you literally only go to @McDonalds to get the @WaltDisneyWorld 50th Anniversary toy and instead get a generic Happy Meal and toy even though signs in the drive thru show the 50th HM. You have failed @McDonaldsCorp ! #HappyMeal #Disney #BaitAndSwitch

Another fan, who lives in the U.K., shared this happened to them as well, except they found Minion cards inside their Happy Meal:

@McDonalds I literally only ordered a happy meal to get a Disney 50th anniversary toy which all articles say have started in the UK today. Gutted to recieve Minion cards instead. Are some branches in the UK not doing the Disney toys?

And Twitter user DWG Adventures shared their frustrations writing:

@McDonalds ordered happy meal with Disney toy in the app. Get home and it’s not a Disney toy. Pouting face

Others are taking to Instagram, stating they purchased a McDonald’s Happy Meal but received the old Disney Attractions series instead of the new 50th anniversary series. Instagram account Elliot’s World shared:

They really did trick me with the toy 😅 the one I got wasn’t part of the new wave! #happymealtoys #happymeal #mcdonalds #tiktok #disney #mcdonaldshappymeal

If you plan to purchase a Happy Meal from McDonald’s today, we highly recommend calling ahead to see if your location received the toys in time to avoid any disappointment.

Did you go to McDonald’s today? Were you able to get one of the new Disney World 50th Happy Meal toys? Let us know in the comments below.

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