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  1. Mary Ann Krykewycz

    Went to McDonald’s purchased happy meal and bought back not a Disney 50 toy . Granddaughter was very upset. McDonald’s is advertising these toys but don’t give. Are the employees keeping them for themselves????? Very disappointed ☹️ in McDonald’s. Go every week with granddaughter and each time it’s a hassle. Will have to find another favorite place. Wish they would change.

    1. Antonietta Ciarleglio

      Same thing in ct they are giving
      The older Disney. Some how people are selling the complete set on line for $700

  2. Joe

    Same thing happened to us in the Chicago suburbs. The boxes says 50th Anniversary, but the toys were from last year’s Runaway Railway line. Bait and switch.

    1. Kitty

      I like you Joe

  3. Laura Johnson

    Went to McDonald’s today and also got a generic you that nobody over the age of 6 months would want to play with. Very disappointed!

  4. Mary Hanson

    Yes, very disappointed. I got some random Ron Bot Toy. I guess you have to ask for the Disney toys? I made a special trip there only to be scammed. Bummer!

    1. Same thing happened to me. First McDonald’s I went to had the 50th Anniversary toys in their display case, as well as digitally posted on their inside and drive-thru menus. I thought this was a a shoo-in! Ordered two Happy Meals with any inquiry,
      eager to get ANY of the Anniversary toys. Opening the boxes at my table, I was taken aback to find I received some Pokémon cards in one, and a Ron’s Gone Wrong toy in the other. Still, I was starving, so the unexpected toys actually took a backseat to my hunger pangs 😄 Alas, I stopped at another McDonald’s on the way home, and by good fortune, was able to score four of these coveted toys. So like everyone is saying, don’t assume each McDonald’s is running the 50th Anniversary toys – it’s wise to ask first, despite what the menus and display case may suggest 😊

    2. AMH

      A lot of McDonald’s will sell you just the toy for $1….

  5. Angelica

    I thought it was just me that this happened to. Glad to hear that I’m not alone here!!! About to try again since I called my location and they said they have them. Fingers crossed!!!

    1. Me

      Got the Donald Duck in a teacup. I guess I got lucky!

  6. Christina

    I’m sorry but everyone went with the intent of getting the 50th anniversary toys but no one person checked before they left the restaurant to see if they had gotten the proper toy? The blame is not on McDonald’s, take the two seconds to look. I have collected a set of toys from McDonalds before and I always checked to make sure I got what I wanted.

    1. Jen

      I think the point is a lot of the franchises don’t even have them

    2. Julie

      I went to several McDonalds last night asking if they had the 50th toys. The fifth one actually did and I got the Pua character.

    3. James

      Yes the blame is on McDonalds, it’s technically false advertising. It’s like going into BestBuy or something like that and buying a Call Of Duty video game and instead receiving a Pokémon game inside the package. They need to get their sh!t straight and also have their employees stop taking the toys, which is what happens some times.

      1. Mitch

        Why is no one blaming Disney? They’re the ones that send out the toys, if that’s all McDonalds have they have to make do until shipments from Disney arrive. Disney literally had issues when releasing their prior Runaway line.

    4. Dan Lopez

      The blame is mcDonalds. No one should have to check. Yes its wise, but shouldn’t be necessary. They are a large corporation and their distribution system would ensure each store had what promised. Shame on them

    5. Adam

      Thank you. I’m reading these like who doesn’t check their food before leaving? It’s just something I do toy or not. Just like people not reading a text before they send it off.

    6. Crystal Magee

      We ordered from McDonalds through a delivery app. What I got was an older attraction disney toy not one of the 50th Anniversary ones.

  7. Gern Blanston

    I guess asking if they have the new toys in stock is not something anyone actually thinks to do. You can find out before you hand over your cash.

    1. WK

      We got some Beanie Babies that the kids already have.

  8. Lesah

    Went to McDonald’s and to a surprise they still had Disney happy meals no generics..lol… I received Timothy mouse, celebration Mickey and abu… Will be doing another drive by this week…😁

  9. diana

    went today, drive thru had posters and signage all over the windows of the disney happy meal toys. what we got was a jurassic park toy from last year!

  10. Audra Kilpatrick

    Nope I got a Luca toy and told we don’t have them set up yet

  11. Jaime

    Got Mickey on Tower of Terror

  12. Chris

    My kid got Pluto in a space mountain ride vehicle

    1. First World Problem

      I got a happy meal and got a decent tasting burger and fries inside the box. I threw away the plastic 50th anniversary toy. Hunger pain gone.

  13. Al

    McDonald’s serves the lousiest food, lazy workers that think they are 15 bucks an hour to do half ass work. Don’t go to buy these cheap toys. Wait about 2 years and people will be dying to give them to you

    1. Mark

      Totally agree! Everyone has their panties in a bunch over some crappy little Chinese made plastic garbage! These has no value. They’ll be at garage sales for .10. Don’t waste your time and money people. How stupid do you have to be to not ask or check the box for the Disney toy? Public education has done more harm than good.

  14. Jackie C.

    Went to McDonald’s yesterday to get the new 50th anniversary toys, got to my car to see which one I got and surprise! I got a Scooby Doo toy. I went back inside to ask for the Disney toy and I was told “we’re were all out.” I find it hard to believe that everyone is having the same issue. My husband decided to look on eBay and suspiciously enjoy whole sets are going on sale. Crazy right!? 🤔 I wonder why they’re “all out”?

    1. James

      When the employees know it’s something that will be popular, especially with Disney ones, they will take them and sell them on Ebay. Scum they are.

      1. Mitch

        You keep posting about the employees when people can literally buy entire sets.

        You’re scum for commenting every other comment blaming the employees. You sound entitled and like a complete dbag.

  15. Charles Clark

    You dont need to buy happy meal to get toy. They sell them alone. Ask to see them before you buy so you dont get screwed.

  16. Julia Altafi

    I went to 3 different mc ds and got 4 different toys at each spot. They come 4 to a box I have #s

  17. Amanda

    Pretty sure there is more going on in the world then your happy meal toy. You should be embarrassed you’re complaining about this.

    1. Nikkie

      Pretty sure your comment is rude and uncalled for. You should be embarrassed you’re behaving like this.

  18. Sarah

    Add me to your list, took my give year old son to not only one McDonald’s but two…. two separate days, two separate locations yet he received the exact same toy, an old theme park attractions toy! Disappointed is an understatement for the both of us. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  19. Andy

    For those who aren’t aware all McDonalds branches in the UK no longer sell plastic toys as of January 2021, it states it on their website. All happy meals will have a plastic-free toy such as cards or a soft toy therefore the UK will miss out on the Disney 50th anniversary toys unfortunately.

  20. Bri

    My sister got one yesterday and it was an old Disney princess toy from earlier this year. Still hopeful I’ll get one of them eventually


    I think that those of you who didn’t get a Disney toy in their meal should have noticed that almost every article said that the toys would be available at PARTICIPATING McDonalds restaurants. Just saying…maybe you should ask the workers at the restaurants before purchasing a meal if you are wanting the Disney toys. I know I would love to collect at least a couple of them, but I don’t think the restaurants around me are participating at all. You could also ask to purchase them if you are an adult, that way you don’t have to get the meal. I used to do that myself.

  22. Michael

    Do people not realize you can just ask what toy is available when you place your order? And you can just buy the toy, you don’t actually have to buy a happy meal.

  23. Kimberly

    You are not alone! I went to a McDonald’s in Southern California and received a Luca toy. Of course I did not realize it until I was home and opened the box. The app said they were offering 50th anniversary toy but I got scammed! So disappointed 😢

  24. Tony

    Those DWorld 50th Anniversary figures look like cheap crap anyway!

  25. Tom

    Have any of these people been to McDonald’s in the past 30 years? This always happens. Especially when it’s a really popular toy, with people flocking to McDonald’s buying dozens of happy meals, or just buying the toys outright, they run out of them fast. So they give you whatever extra stock they have. That’s how it’s been literally my entire life.

  26. Mike

    I went to my local branch to purchase 2 happy meals hoping to get one of the 50th toys and even asked before ordering if they got them. They said yes and we’re being very rude about disclosing which was available. Got home and opened the box to find the generic steamboat willing thing that wasn’t apart of the set. Feeling super duped.

  27. Tosha Richards

    I went to a McDonald’s yesterday. I DID ask to buy the toys separately, I was told I could not. That I had to purchase a Happy Meal to get the toy. I then again asked at the window which toys they had? If they were the 50th Anniversary ones. I was told yes and it was Mickey Mouse. No I did not check while in the drive thru as I needed to get home. But was upset to find it in fact was a Mickey Mouse toy buy not one of the 50th Anniversary ones. It was a Mickey in a tower of Terror ride. Looks to be a train. Was very saddened by this.

    I did ask and they lied. So annoying.

  28. Chryssi

    Orlando FL, home to Walt Disney World. Got one 50th anniversary toy. Called 2 separate McDonald’s from their parking lots. Told they didn’t have any even though they had signs saying they did. Called a 3rd McDonald’s, they said YES they have them! They lied. It was Mickey on the train. If the locations don’t have the toys they shouldn’t advertise that they do. I blame McDonald’s for false advertising and lack of communication with their customers.

  29. Sofia

    I went today and got the Disney box with a Scoobie Doo bobble! So disappointed!

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