YOU Can Become a Disney Villain! Disney Now Hiring For Spooky Special Event!

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Disney Villains

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Calling all Disney Villains and Halloween fans! We have some spooks to share with you. We’ve just noticed that Disney has a very villainous casting call listed on the Disney Auditions website: Disney is seeking actors to emulate some classic Disney Villains for a special event this Halloween season!

But what event is this for exactly? Where will it take place, and what Disney Villains does Disney want to be there? Here’s everything we know right now!

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villains after hours
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Although we are unsure what event this is for exactly, we are certainly excited. A new casting call was recently posted to the official Disney Auditions website, sharing that Disney is seeking actors to portray a variety of Disney Villains (from Maleficent to Hades) at a “special event” taking place in Central Florida.

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Dr Facilier at Boo Bash
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Per the Disney Auditions website, here is the official casting call:

Special Event casting! Seeking actors who emulate classic Disney Villains as they appear in their original animated feature. Must have a resemblance, and voice quality of the original. Open to US residents. Event takes place in Central Florida October 16th thru October 22nd, 2021. Travel for certain roles may be available. Please select the role you wish to submit by clicking the link below for the audition material, then follow the submission posting instructions. Submissions must be posted no later than September 2, 2021.



Captain Hook


Dr. Facilier






Lady Tremaine


Queen of Hearts

The Evil Queen


Lady Tremaine, Disney Villains After Hours
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As you can see in the casting call above, Disney is looking to hire a lot of actors for a lot of roles, including fan-favorite Disney Villains like Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog (2009) and Kronk and Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove (2000).

The casting call also states that the event will take place in Central Florida (we can only assume it’s at Walt Disney World Resort and Disney is keeping details under wraps) from October 16-22 this year. We know that Disney After Hours Boo Bash is currently taking place on select nights from August through October, but this casting call appears to be for something different. What does Disney have up their sleeves? We can’t wait to find out!

Disney villains
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If you want to audition for one of these roles, visit the official website here for more information! 

What do you think of this Disney Villains casting call? What special event could this possibly be for? Let us know in the comments!

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