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carousel of progress

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One attraction at Walt Disney World Resort that has been around for quite some time is Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress at Magic Kingdom. Although iconic, is it time for this ride to see some new change?

carousel of progress
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Carousel of Progress is a special attraction because of Walt Disney’s association with it. Disney teamed up with General Electric for the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair to show how the American family evolved technologically throughout the 20th century. After leaving the World’s Fair, the attraction went to Disneyland and found a home in Tomorrowland until America Sings took over the show space.

carousel of progress
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Then, in 1975 the attraction traveled across the country and joined Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland, where it remains today. The attraction has seen a few refurbishments, but nothing major since 1994. This means that it has been 27 years since the Progress family has seen a rejuvenation, which has allowed many Guests to fall in love with the current version of the ride.

carousel of progress
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Lately, we have seen permits filed for the attraction and many temporary closures as malfunctions have occurred. Many of our readers have commented their thoughts on Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress and whether it needs an update. Below, we will take a look at a few opposing thoughts and see if there is one side that outweighs the other.

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Mingpheus C. does not think a complete Carousel of Progress overhaul is needed but would like to refresh the final scene.

The only scene that needs updating is the last “future” scene. The future should not have outdated items. Have holographic communicators, hover seats, robotic chefs, animated windows that show a sunny day even when rainy….

Michele M. thinks some touch-ups are needed for cleanliness; however, the majority of the ride can remain as is.

It really needs new seats/rugs. We were on it last week and the smell was musty and gross, even with a mask on. The end scene could use some updates, but I think it still works because of the cheese factor.

carousel of progress
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Michael F. was very clear.

It DOES NOT NEED an update

Glen K. thinks that the outdated nature of the scenes presents a charm that a modern version would lose.

Should be left alone and just the mechanical parts be fixed and replaced. Anything modern is just 10 minutes of silence with people looking at their phones.

Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress
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Ryan Q. loves the ride but also thinks it is time for some change.

Love this ride but it definitely needs an update!

Brittany B. does not want to see the ride change!

It’s great the way it is. Leave it alone!

Alexa Green wants a revamp, but the song must never go.

YESSS LETSSSS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. But if they change the song I’m fighting everyone.

Samantha R. loves the ride and thinks that it should be updated due to its theme.

This is my absolute favorite ride. But when I rode it a couple months ago even I felt it was really in need of some repairs, updates, and TLC. Its adjusted to progress before, that’s the whole point of the show! And its time for it to happen again.

carousel of progress
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Rochelle P. thinks the attraction is perfect as is.

NO!!!! Leave it alone!!

Phillip J. wants to see the ride turn Marvel. Although this is unlikely (and contractually happen at this time), it is a fun idea for a new attraction.

Changing to stark expo. Starts with Tony’s Dad goes through the MCU timeline.

Bill H. shared the same sentiment that others did, the last scene can be touched up, but the rest is relevant to progress.

The last scene which shows the home of the future really needs an update since video games and voice activated devices are futuristic anymore. But the older scenes are still relevant to the story of progress.

carousel of progress
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Overall, it seems that most fans do not want to see any changes on the majority of the ride. Still, they would be fine with a few cosmetic updates and revamping the final scene to represent today’s “futuristic” family. At the moment, Disney has not announced any changes coming to the attraction, nor is it listed to be refurbished.

What do you think? Does Carousel of Progress need a revamp? Or is it perfect as is? 


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