Three Disney Parks Currently Have Temporarily Closed Attractions

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When Guests visit Disney World, there is always a chance that the ride they plan to line up for next will be closed.

Aside from attractions being closed for refurbishments — which is something Disney gives Guests ample notice of — at times, a ride can experience a temporary closure. Temporary closures occur when there is an issue with an attraction that requires the ride to stop running so that maintenance can correct the issue before allowing Guests to ride once again.

gran fiesta tour
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When a closure like this happens, Guests will have to wait until the ride is back up and running to ride, but this is not something Guests should be typically concerned about. Temporary closures occur at Disney World almost daily, as small technical issues are bound to occur at a theme park destination with so many parks and attractions.

Disney oftentimes can have their rides available to Guests in a short amount of time after the closure. Today, according to the My Disney Experience app, it seems that three of the four Disney World theme parks are currently experiencing a temporary closure for at least one attraction.

Kali River Rapids
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If we take a look below, we can see that Magic Kingdom has two coasters closed at the time of this article’s publishing — The Barnstormer and Space Mountain. EPCOT is not currently running Gran Fiesta Tour, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom has temporarily closed Kali River Rapids.

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To be the first Guest on any temporarily closed Disney World attraction, refreshing your My Disney Experience app to see when the attractions are once again running will be your best bet to avoid long lines after the majority of Guests have realized as well.

space mountain
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We do not know exactly why these attractions have closed down; however, we hope Disney can have them up and running shortly so that Guests can enjoy them once again!

What attraction do you think temporarily closes the most at Disney World?

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